When we think of investing, we are usually planning to use that money for a certain expense, right? But how much do you actually need for retirement? Have you …

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  1. The Camelback Files
    The Camelback Files says:

    Super informative. Only a small percentage of people think about retirement in a realistic, timely manner. Inflation is scarier than watching my grandma crawl out of bed in the mornings. Btw, are you single??

  2. Hellsing Ghrey
    Hellsing Ghrey says:

    Thanks for the informative video! It sparked a plethora of questions. How do we draw out that 5% without diminishing our capital investment? Would that 5% come from dividend payments, from selling stocks?
    If I invest in the stock market, shouldn't it keep up with or surpass inflation? If it does, does that mean that I can invest my $1M and not worry about contributing any more? What investment vehicles are prudent for investing and monthly income?


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