Ed Luce writes in the Financial Times that ‘…Sanders has good odds of winning the first Democratic caucus in Iowa next month — and New Hampshire the …

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  1. Jake Black
    Jake Black says:

    Im interested to see how this plays out. My prediction: The GOP will fully incorporate moderates, become a "super party" and sweep all three branches of government. But we will see.

  2. Matt Pando
    Matt Pando says:

    How bout that heart attack tho?
    Doesn't that automatically disqualify him from running?
    If Donald Trump had a heart attack you all would be screaming that he is "unfit" for office?
    I'm confused…?

  3. P J
    P J says:

    Yang2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 he’s better to solve long term problems and move us into a technology friendly society. UBI is the ONLY option for us. Let’s go Yang!

  4. Snapdragon 9600
    Snapdragon 9600 says:

    I have family members that have made full recovery from heart attacks and open heart surgery.At a similar age..

    Which were much more invasive than stents Bernie had done.He hasn't the weight issues of Trump or the brain surgery Biden had years earlier.J

    Judging from Bidens many goofs I'd be concerned if he indeed still has ongoing issues from that.

  5. Legolas Greenleaf
    Legolas Greenleaf says:

    Comrade Bernie, do a good job in the Senate during the impeachment hoax. We will miss you in Iowa. It looks like the DNC and Pelosi are already ripping you off for your chance to run. No worries, just run again in 2024 when you are 84 and your "revolution" becomes eating your bran muffin and drinking your prune juice to stay regular.

  6. Revolution 2020
    Revolution 2020 says:

    Every once in awhile they report it right, and then they go straight back to their anti-Sanders disinfo campaign. Watching MSDNC & the rest of the corporate media says two things: 1) They want 4 more yrs of Trump b/c he's been so good for their ratings. 2) They exist as State propaganda to serve the establishment narratives of pro-war, pro-empire, and pro-corporation & their de facto job is to sabotage any political candidate or movement that opposes that. We know who you are. That's why only old Boomer neoliberals watch corporate media for their "news" anymore.

  7. El Ram
    El Ram says:

    Edward Luce is a commentator who (before today I'd never heard of)…surprisingly is a breath of fresh air with his concise, unbiased commentary. Nice find MSNBC. 👍


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