Tesla stock topped $500 per share after Oppenheimer raised price target to $612 a share. Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman, Adam Shapiro, Akiko Fujita and Liz …

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  1. Jeffrey Rayos
    Jeffrey Rayos says:

    I believe there’s no competition, other OEM will just playing catching up, because as they try to catch up with the technology, TESLA will keep advancing until other OEM run out of market share LOL…

  2. Ramon Zarat
    Ramon Zarat says:

    As if Tesla need the help of one miserable "analyst" opinion to soar.

    The stock is not up because they said so, they said so because the stock march forward is relentless. Those "analysts" are a few hundred miles behind the curve when it comes to properly valuate Tesla.

  3. F165
    F165 says:

    Damn I bought Tesla stock when it was $385. I sold it when it was $404 because I thought it was going to fall. I’m tired from kicking myself.

  4. Macio Luko
    Macio Luko says:

    @0:16 Or maybe investors are thinking that aside from the cars and GigaFactories, this company is close to solving self-driving, is ramping up solar shingles production, is solving energy storage through the PowerWall and PowerPack, is expanding in new markets, is producing the safest and most innovative vehicles on the market, is talking about designing a brand new model in China, expanding its Supercharger Network, reducing toxic emissions and vastly accelerating the advent for sustainable transport. For all those reasons (even though Jenny is out) most investors are in!


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