Faraday Future, a California-based electric-car startup and Tesla’s once rival, generated buzz in 2015 as the company poached top talent from Tesla, BMW, Audi …

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  1. richard byrnes
    richard byrnes says:

    A proprietary 250K SUV cum luxury sedan from a upstart brand that took there sweet time to do anything before imploding slowly and painfully having plenty of near death experiences has a nasty habit of ruining anyone who gets too close.

  2. REVEN
    REVEN says:

    I hope they make it!. If your not failing your not trying hard enough. Tesla failed multiple times and almost went bankrupt several times, they only recently made money.

  3. DocsWorld
    DocsWorld says:

    wait, what is this a paid promo piece? "he could have as easily been as successful as tesla" um sorry no i call hard bullshit here. 1. when musk worked on tesla, he focused only on it, for many years, and pulled it out, made cars, sold them released them, etc. This guy fuckin went from side project, to new idea, to new idea, without finishing the first one. or getting the cars to release. Then he says oh im sorry. he went from car, to phone to tv, etc. He released only, concept versions of a car never sold. Imo, this guy is a class A scam artist, should never be trusted with anything, and should never work in this industry again. He looks like the worst example of someone you might see as a company head. He is not a genius, just maybe an idea man, at best. maybe there is a place for him somewhere, but please god stay out of the phone, tv, and car industry, cuz i will never buy one of your products, and will tell all my friends not to either. Rule #1 actions speak louder than words, his apologies mean nothing, and the way he acted, when he had it all meant everything.

  4. Vladimir Ramírez
    Vladimir Ramírez says:

    Did you just compare Elon to a Chinese scammer? how could you, is just an arrogant chinese kid who thinks that he can dominate America's market just because he have money and got slapped in the face by the real big players, well done, you got your lesson son


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