Xrp Ripple Drive Time News:Lower Cost Technology & Financial Inclusion = Ripple Thanks for watching the channel Secure your digital Assets with a ledger …

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    XRP BENNO says:

    Interesting…. is this the levelling of the playing field? Billions of unbanked third world citizens come online for cheap and US/westerners pay more to get onto new tech?

    Is this that destruction of the middle class I always hear about?

    Greatest wealth transfer in history since Floyd mayweather beat Connor McGregor

    Thanks for doing these vids for us everyday it's pretty special

  2. Gio XRP
    Gio XRP says:

    Hello Ceej, always great stuff, thanks..👍🙏 Have you heard of or Listen to Crypto Insighter..he's a pretty new XRP related youtuber..Very smart guy..works with Fintech 17 yrs now…👍


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