60% discount offer ends 11:45 pm tonight Sun Jan 12th. See list of lectures here: …

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  1. Rahul Gopinathan
    Rahul Gopinathan says:

    Hi Sir, have one doubt. My Facebook account is using different email I'd and I am subscribed to your channel via different email address (my primary email).My doubt is while enrolling for your course,which email I'd I should give

  2. Tarun Shukla
    Tarun Shukla says:

    Dear Pattu, I really enjoy your videos. Enjoyed is the new word. Past tense.

    Here is why : they lack depth. They are shorter therefore and seem like made to check a daily box.

    Second your behaviour has changed. Pls see your videos and how you talk about people or the language you use. Its insulting.

    Pls pause. Reflect. And then restart your videos. Never harmful.

    Thanks again.

  3. Anand Vaidya
    Anand Vaidya says:

    Very happy to see the positive response so far. Hope everyone benefits from the course. I hope you plan atleast an annual event like this.
    I have been unable to watch the videos or interact since I am tied up with customer issues . Hope Mon/Tue I will have a block of 6 hrs focused time…


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