Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – Market Update January 12th 2020 In this week’s market update we cover all the latest headlines from Australia …

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  1. Nugget's News
    Nugget's News says:


    0:00 Local News

    4:50 Global Finance News

    12:20 Cryptocurrency News

    24:02 Technical Analysis


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  2. D
    D says:

    “People are finding out the hard way that projects with better technology are not winning at the end of the day” huh? I know telegram is mud but tech advancements usually do succeed when they have utility and are adopted in the mainstream

  3. easetube
    easetube says:

    So… whats his pick for the DeFi space? Rocket Protocol? is it REN? is it Melon MLN? Or is it something as based as Maker? ….I dont know but Im in all of those anyway. Is it mainstream or something more obsucre? we will never know unless we subscibe….

  4. James Seeley
    James Seeley says:

    Dude, you already did something most people in this world did today, they read the news, they need to interpret it for themselves, and make their own decisions. Nice Aussie verbaitum reanalyzing what others have already done, you, Lark, Zombie, Box, and etc all have the same reekness of I'm a Crypto robin hood mogul showing you the new cool way into a market. Stop shilling dude, it's not working.

  5. robderock
    robderock says:

    For decades, cryptocurrency has been my favourite mostly BITCOIN when it comes to online or digital investments, it is a good thing knowing 2020 started very well for bitcoin and seeing BTC hovers around the $8,100 level against the US dollars shows sign that the bulls is doing everything to keep the price moving in an upward momentum, if this could hold strong then the next resistance area would be within the range of $8,500 against the US dollars. I must say it is still a very good time for me to keep growing and earning daily because i was smart enough to find a working strategy/daily signals to trade wisely, With Mr Lovatt Norton's guidance and daily signals i have been able to grow a very strong portfolio. Again, last month i was able to grow my initial 1.4btc to 6.9btc within a space of 3 weeks , this you would agree is a very good profit, i must say this is not the right time to Hold, but to use this opportunity to accumulate and grow strong portfolio with Norton's daily signals. Norton can be reach via Whatspp: + 19092833663 and Telgram @ Lnorton08 for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  6. Benzimah
    Benzimah says:

    youtube influencers gets what they deserve. I say so because they get on with their fake disclaimer but yet in between the influencing of the people they will lead them down paths and sweeten up their chants as like putting the carrot with honey in front of the coins. They tell peopleto invest in certain tokens and coins in the videos and then suddenly say this is not financial advice, which is just a queue or subliminal heads up. They interview bandits like Richard heardt..McAfee and all these monkeys to get the dummies excited.. People are really stupid in today's world especially the young ones who these influencers move and control at will.. youtube influencers are no different from wall street scammers bating the foolish to patronize them for news they can read for themselves and encouraging them to invest in coins they are pumping or hold large positions in…

  7. Mike Harrington
    Mike Harrington says:

    How do all these developers working on Bitcoin & other crypto currency get paid ? And what is their financial incentive to leave extremely well rewarded jobs in, say, Facebook, Google etc to switch to crypto data & currency systems ? Who has access to the "address" you provide to Bitcoin & is it in a code format & is it secure if everyone else in the Blockchain can see it ?

    How much of the 21 billion of Bitcoins is in circulation, & if it's all in circulation can you only buy it because holders are constantly redeeming it or converting it to fiat currency? What is the finite number for Bitcoin capitalization?

  8. Helen
    Helen says:

    Why do you refer to your viewers as 'guys'? Surely you're aware that some of your viewers are women – not girls, not females, women. Gender inclusive language has been around for many many years. There are many different collective nouns that can be used instead of 'guys'. I've heard all the excuses about 'but it doesn't literally mean men only' – yes, yes it does. It's alienating to women. Period.

  9. CloudCoin Global
    CloudCoin Global says:

    DFN Newsletter–1/12/20–Major Launch Event That You Are Invited Too & Raida News

    This Newsletter Covers Digital & Black Chain News & Events

    Breaking News: The first successful tests been completed on the Block chain exchange using Raidatech. This test were done in the last 7 days. That means RaidaTech tokens, collectibles and coins can now traded on a physical exchange. This is the first successful and completed use of RaidaTech.


    You Are Invited To A Special Celebrity & VIP event Hosted By Shark Tank Star Kevin Harrington And Nuurez President Noelle Randall

    You are invited to a special VIP event on the 17th of February in the Tampa Bay area. It is a celebrity attended launch of Nuurez. The event is located at Kevin's incredible studio designed for high profile celebrities. This is to celebrate the company that will be using RaidaTech to revolutionize the real estate world. The event is from 12 noon to 3 PM and will be simulcast all over the USA. I have 20 spots set aside for my Cloudcoin, Digital Frontier Marketing and RaidaTech friends. Email me at and use the subject line RSVP. I will have the event folks send you your invitation.


    Crypto Webinar 1/9/20 Recording–Special National Media Money Expert On The Webinar

    This National Media Expert Is Saving People A Fortune On Something Everyone Should do.

    Last night I had a special guest who is a national media expert (Fox Business Network, Bloomberg Radio Network) on the webinar. I was researching Cryptocurrencies and wealth management which resulted in this major guest. He starts 25 minutes into last night's recording and I also got his agreement to provide special access to his help. You learn about that in the recording.

    If you have listened to a past recording of a webinar this is the one you should listen in to.

    Click here to listen:




  10. Klefto Dupont
    Klefto Dupont says:

    I bought BTC via CoinSpot and now I'm concerned that they're not reliable and have third party access to my private keys. Can I safely get access to my private keys from my BTC on Coinspot, and store on a hard wallet? Or have these BTC been compromised via third party, and do I have to resell them and buy again via a more secure exchange, before storing them?


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