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  1. Jim Cooper
    Jim Cooper says:

    I 100% percent agree about the boringness of watching someone’s face for 30 minutes as they talk. Also, looking at the charts is way more valuable information, especially with all of the indicators. Nothing against your face, But I would rather see all the charts/articles

  2. fishtherapy100
    fishtherapy100 says:

    I too have noticed some very odd on Telegram. Bloodthirsty idiots and no-nothings pontificating about geo-politics. And yes these people need to stop adding other peoples videos on your channel. It is bad mannered. They need to keep their tanks OFF your lawn.

  3. Roy Desell
    Roy Desell says:

    SPY correction, maybe 2900 to 3050 ?? then blast off March April back to previous highs, my thoughts only, look at Tesla, only a fool would buy a $30. or $ 40. stock, love your videos, Grrreeeeat

  4. semtexslavkov
    semtexslavkov says:

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  5. Steve's Shed
    Steve's Shed says:

    It's getting to be a very scary world. But i justify my actions by knowing that I'm old so i don't give a crap if it ends while I'm doing the right thing by being outspoken about the truth of corporate corruption.

  6. William Iannucci
    William Iannucci says:

    Son I can tell by the way you're speaking you're single and lonely been there done that you should find a nice woman and get married so you can be miserable like me, Lol just having fun with you thanks for the information. PS Call On Jesus like I did and I'll fill you with happiness and everlasting life. 👍


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