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  1. Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams says:

    I think the logic behind being pro-dividends is the money comes directly to you and isn't lost if a stock depreciates. I guess you could say dividends are the saving grace in a recession.

  2. AK
    AK says:

    Brandon, Great video as usual. Can you explain to the audience what is the difference between a common non voting share vs a preferred share? I BELEIVE CU.TO has both options! Thank you!

  3. turbofanlover
    turbofanlover says:

    At this point, I wouldn't even touch dividend stocks. That dividend won't make up for the decline in stock price that will come when this very, very old bull finally kicks the bucket.

  4. MoneyG
    MoneyG says:

    So if I want to invest in dividend paying stocks. Are these dividend paying stocks taxed? Can you hold them in TFSA or RRSP without being taxed and reinvesting your payment?

  5. sagig72
    sagig72 says:

    Good video. I can see, however, that around end of 2005 Canada Utilities dividend was cut (you said it's increasing almost 50 years), but I also see there was a stock split around that time. Do you know if the Yahoo Finance dividends is adjusted for stock splits? do you know if that dividend cut of that company around that time was only a reflection of the split rather than a real cut? Thanks!

  6. Samia Ameri
    Samia Ameri says:

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