FOX Business’ Hillary Vaughn reports on 2020 Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg’s infrastructure package and his condemning President Trump as …

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  1. George Hugh
    George Hugh says:

    Buttigieg is proposing the same $1 trillion infrastructure Trump & most of Congress is in favor of – it's the financing that's the sticking point. You may disagree with his other policies, but good infrastructure is as American as the Interstate Highway.

  2. Thanks Obama
    Thanks Obama says:

    So hasnt the President been pushing an Infrastructure Deal since Day One?..Yup…and why havent we gotten one?..Because of Obstructing Democrats like Buttgape..Did the Poster Boy for Obesity say that ?..Of course not….Eat another Bag of Big Macs Fat Boy ,have coronary..

  3. Scott Winne
    Scott Winne says:

    Pandering at it's best just to get votes.He has no ambition to fix the bridges and roads.The differences between them and PRESIDENT TRUMP is they lie to get votes.And PRESIDENT TRUMP does his job to get votes .POLITICIANS are professional liers.

  4. Paul Wiseman
    Paul Wiseman says:

    Mayor Pet couldn't run a city he can't run our government. Obama wasted 800 billion dollars nothing got done and the money disappeared. I forgot that's what democrats are good for making taxpayer money disappear and nothing being accomplished.


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