U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia shares his insights on the latest jobs numbers report. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering …

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  1. Bill Bailey
    Bill Bailey says:

    Trump said he would make America great again. How on Earth will Trump get reelected on such dismal economic data and jobs growth? Americans will see through this sham and go with the Democrat narrative (who ALWAYS tell the truth – ask Adam Schiff, the most honest and honorable leader in since 1776) and vote for Joe Biden, with his excellent idea of dismantling the US economy. A vote winner any day of the week. Yay.

    Millions of Democrats just became Trump voters. 🤗

  2. Doug Shaw
    Doug Shaw says:

    I can always tell a liberal: cunts incapable of being happy who want to drag us down to their sad sack level. This guy never smiled, and it's ONLY ALL good news for US. Tells me right where he's at… and he is NOT on the side of what best for Americans!

  3. Albert Moore
    Albert Moore says:

    People overlook the GREATEST OIL STRIKE IN HISTORY, no, not just in American history, the GREATEST OIL STRIKE IN HISTORY, on federal lands in the Permian Basin of Texas, and the multiplier effect.

  4. Posh Life
    Posh Life says:

    This is great news…but the democrats want to annihilate this growth. They have done absolutely nothing to help us reach this achievement. How anyone can still be out there supporting them is beyond belief.

  5. Chatla Suresh
    Chatla Suresh says:

    Extraordinary year of workforce all because of tax cuts, deregulations, winning legal lawsuits in WTO, World Bank, World Economic Forum. There were many WEF Summit operations conducted in 2019 by USA🇺🇸President🤴🏻Donald John Trump HIS🤴🏻👸🏻 Administration.

  6. Larue77
    Larue77 says:

    Creating 146000 new jobs is not extraordinary. Every month people get older and some enter the job market for the first time. In addition people move to the US and need a job. 146,000 jobs in a month is not enough to employ those people. The only reason the unemployment rate did not rise in December is because many people who were unemployed stopped looking for work. Trump in his presidency has overseen about as many new jobs as the number of people entering the job market. The unemployment rate has declined only because a large number of people in the US have given up looking for work. They may stop looking for work because they got old enough to retire. Or because they became disabled. Or because wages available for them are so low they decide working is not worth it. Or maybe their spouse got a new job or a raise so they decide they do not need to work. But contrary to what people think job creation in the Trump presidency has not been outstanding. It is better described as adequate. In fact job creation in 2019 was the lowest since 2011.

  7. Cindi Howell
    Cindi Howell says:

    I don't believe their figures. Until about 10 years ago it was very easy to get a job. Now anywhere from 60 to 600 people are applying for the same job. Wages still are much too low and a very high number of peopke are living below the poverty level.

  8. imsrini
    imsrini says:

    Faux News at it again spreading fake news ! 😂
    "Extraordinary year" Mr. Labor Secretary ? How so ? These are the numbers for the past 10 years :
    2010 : 1,035
    2011 : 2,075
    2012 : 2,174
    2013 : 2,302
    2014 : 3,006
    2015 : 2,729
    2016 : 2,318
    2017 : 2,153
    2018 : 2,679
    2019 : 2,108
    It's just about ordinary wouldn't you say ? 😂
    P.S. – These numbers are right there on the Dept. of Labor Statistics web-site ! 🤣

  9. waiotahi52
    waiotahi52 says:

    A UN inspector reports that Alabama has the worst poverty in the developed world. Without a tirade against every Democrat that ever lived, what is Donalds' policy to cure this?


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