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  1. Eric Schoellkopf
    Eric Schoellkopf says:

    In one of your previous similar posts, you were planning to perform this same study using 2 years of cash to draw from when all of the funds had a negative year. Can you do that for this study and the previous one ? Also, love to see Pablo in the videos. If you are not careful he will become a bigger star than you !

  2. Craig Howarth
    Craig Howarth says:

    It would be interesting to see what the results would be if you took the money from which ever fund did the worst instead of the best. I have a feeling like things would turn out better.

  3. D Moon
    D Moon says:

    Through 2019, using a 2.4% CPI-U estimate for 2019 (BLS releases 2019 figure on 14 Jan 2020), one would like to see $151k. HWP’s Inflation Protected Income Portfolio held up well in real dollars!

  4. Ken Maier
    Ken Maier says:

    Josh, Thx – I like it. I assume Col J is Yearly WD, not Monthly? BTW – just a suggestion – to make your spreadsheet easier to demo you can copy the hyperlink and paste the link in the appropriate excel cell so when you click on the cell it takes you to the website. In this case directly to the M Fund data in yahoo finance or MStar or ……

    Thx again. I'm going to have to check out your other videos similar to this subject

  5. wbelk7777
    wbelk7777 says:

    Josh, these are my favorite segments. Can you please provide an example with ETFs (I know they do not provide as much historical data). Thank you for all the great videos and please keep the spreadsheet segments coming.

  6. Sylvan Butler
    Sylvan Butler says:

    All roads lead to Rome. Every road has some unique hazards and complexities. Some roads are more hazardous than others, or have higher travel costs that you need to pay.
    My plan is growing dividends to minimize sequence of returns risk, which allows a higher percentage of equities. Been practicing since 2002 and it is looking good.

  7. Larry Macal
    Larry Macal says:

    Been watching for a while and this video is one of your best practical examples of managing retirement returns. I'd like to understand more regarding the strategy / method of withdrawing each period from the highest return for that period. Why not withdraw from the lowest return and leave the fund that's performing with more capital or consider some percentage allocation from the all the funds based on performance. I'm going to try and replicate your spreadsheet for some additional scenarios. 18 months from retirement. !!!

  8. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    WOW – i recreated your spreadsheet and just used a single VTSAX as I see that as pretty diversified, and the ending balance comes to only $33k!! You have given me a lot to think about here. thanks Josh!


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