Intraday Secret Tricks: VWAP Support and Resistance Secrets Only 1 Indicator to earn 20 Lakh in …

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  1. Krishna Tandra
    Krishna Tandra says:

    HI SIr,
    I bought it, when it is on Rs 1508. .. . thank you for right price to buy.stocks… all my stocks are in green.. all credit goes to you… even in market fall .. your helping every one… God bless you…Futures & options when you start videos.. so that we can get fixed amount of earning every month… that will be a great help……

  2. Parag Deka
    Parag Deka says:

    I hv bought this share recently and I want to keep it for atleast 3-5 yrs…..should I keep selling and buying it when it goes down from its high from time to time..or shld I forget abt it for 3 yrs

  3. Rakesh Mahuli
    Rakesh Mahuli says:

    First thing.. you are the best among all on YouTube…

    Wanted your analysis on 'Aavas financiers' and Avanti feeds.. waiting for them to correct but your analysis helps a lot sir..

  4. Vibhu Sharma
    Vibhu Sharma says:

    Sir already 1508 pe I have purchased Shares
    Now I want to invest more
    What should I do in this regard since high prices pe buying average kharaab ho jaayegi !!
    Please suggest 🙂

  5. Pratik Topno
    Pratik Topno says:

    I appreciate you work and help. I have a request to you. Please make few more detailed videos for intraday. I have seen your VWAP indicator video is looks good but yesterday it gave me loss . Non of the stock was volatile which i knows. Almost every stocks made it's move in it first 15 minutes and when the time came everything was stable . Please guide me with it . I don't have much money left as my whole capital was stuck in maurya udyog and 7nr. Even i don't have any proper earning . This is the only way of my earning. I usually used to do intraday and it was good. But the 1st time I invested and it took my capital. Help me to earn again Plz. I need to earn from it. Thank You.

  6. Vijay Satyawali
    Vijay Satyawali says:

    Sir 2 days back data come and our gdp will be 5% for the f.y.-19 to 20.
    Please give your view about the economy recovery. Whether economy ka bottom ban gaya hai or gdp number or girega ane wale time pe .
    Seconed nifty all time high ke ash Pas hai.15 stock hai jo nifty ko high lagwa rahe hai.
    But i read news 86% stock down chal rahe hai.
    Please share your view on economy recovery and gdp number in upcoming years.
    Whether 2008 will repeat or not.
    Please guide sir.
    Thanks and love u

  7. Navin Singh
    Navin Singh says:

    Hi sir I have newly invested in stock my shares are HUL INFOSYS HDFC bank ICICI Bank and RELIANCE. I invested 60k which in bear market. I m looking for 7 yrs horizon. Do u think I have to add any other stock or I go on adding number in these stock only. My plan to invest 3 lacs slowly and steadily. In every bear phase. I m posing this after i saw u r video of how many stk in portfolio

  8. aman patil
    aman patil says:

    Sir plZ help urgnt …
    Adani green 243 pr aaj khreda ab 220 ho gya sell ordr lga diya pr sell nhi ho rha … Ab isme downfall strt ho gya h kaise jldi se jldi bhr niklu …jo bhi tha sab ishe m lga diya tha plz plz plz plz plz help

  9. Sreedevi T.P
    Sreedevi T.P says:

    Thank you for the video.Liked it for the coverage specially the future prospects and area of specializations.I could buy only three at 1506.Already I had 11 at a cost of around 500/ so the average cost comes below 750.


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