Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn talks to FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo about the injustices he’s faced and is preparing to dispute with Japan and …

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  1. xperia Spectre
    xperia Spectre says:

    Japan has a modern justice system far better than Lebanese. But this guy has gotten out of business for political reasons. He is a greedy fat cat… but he had always been and it was not a problem before. The cat has a tail but you only only step on his tail if he is scratching something important for you.

  2. Dennis Tani
    Dennis Tani says:

    This moron criminal ghosen reminds me of the Adelphia CFO criminal case. Adelphia CFO John Rigas stole millions of dollars from adelphia. He got 17 years in prison, his father the coo got 20 years. Rivas spent 3 million dollars of company money for his wife's birthday party, ghosen gave his wide and some million. If you don't believe me, google adelphia CFO in prison, also looks up enron while your at it

  3. Jennifer l
    Jennifer l says:

    He lived in Japan for how long?? He didn't know their justice system? He should have thought of it when he embezzled money. Japanese are infatuated with westerners. There is a book called HIT & RUN.. an american guy who took Sony for a ride. Japanese should think twice before they put any westerners in charge of anything..

  4. S Young
    S Young says:

    The 1st time I heard this story I thought, Hmmm. Now that he has made the company lucrative they want to take it back. And I also thought, I can bet my house…. other "Japanese" company executives have done the same thing they are accusing him of, with NO consequence.
    I thought, They are only doing this because he is NOT Japanese. Wow! I really really love Japan, now! No way in hell I would llive there. Not with kind of legal system. Jealousy & envy is all someone needs to put you in jail. How base for a country that calls themselves civilised!
    And to hear a high ranking minister is involved, I am not surprised.
    I am so extremely happy & overjoyed that Ghosn has had a chance to speak. Now, we will see everything! There is more bombshells that will hit Japan & Nissan! All the corruptions is coming to be exposed!
    I wonder how many of those weaklings in Nissan & the Tokyo prosecutors office will commit suicide. They always do . . to "save face" = for EGO & PRIDE!
    They picked the wrong person to mess with! Ghosn has Universal Power behind him!

  5. Anindito Sen
    Anindito Sen says:

    I do not know if Ghosn is guilty or not, it is absolutely true that Japanese cannot take a foreigner being their head in Japan. I have faced it. If you prove that they are doing things incorrectly, they will get out out by hook and crook. Yet not all are the same, I still have some many good Japanese friends still now, probably because of their help I survived there for 6 years

  6. mhmd saleh
    mhmd saleh says:

    ive been to Japan for 3 weeks to study TQM which is the core culture of manufacturing .. but I realy notice the lack of emotions and the unproper communication, I do understand Ghosn’s point here, and Nissan should’ve solve this behind doors .. they lost a lot by opining this fight publicly. (lack ot emotions& communications )

  7. Hassan Khouri
    Hassan Khouri says:

    The Japanese, and perhaps at the highest level of authority, helped
    Carlos exit, because the Japanese collective conscience did not express his
    satisfaction with the trial of Japan's economic hero Carlos Ghosn, for a charge
    if it was proven; it does not rise to the level of the of services he provided
    to Japan economy, just as his ill treatment does not serve Japan's reputation.
    Internationally, and does not satisfy the general sense of the Japanese people,
    there are a large number of Japanese who were not satisfied with this trial and
    the authorities do not want to be force to imprison him, there for the best
    solution was to get rid of him and therefore somewhere in the corridors of the
    deep authority a decision taken to allow this adventure to take place

  8. Light Seeker
    Light Seeker says:

    Japan has lost the only brain that made their car industry successful. What a bunch of idiots in Japan!. Hope Nisan goes bankrupt and maybe by that, US cars companies gets an edge. we need here in the US this pioneer to boost US car companies!

  9. Rana Farooq
    Rana Farooq says:

    Japan is well known 100s years ago for injustice, the government control people life, no fairness, no freedom of speech, I feel bad to Japanese people. Good job escaping this country


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