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  1. Butler.Buys.Houses
    Butler.Buys.Houses says:

    Love the idea of retail hacking. Both those retail stores typically have the biggest spaces. Retail is slowly evolving with the order online and the pull up, pick ups. Excited to see how they continue to evolve.

  2. Hellasimpo SF
    Hellasimpo SF says:

    Hello Sir I live in the bay area too and watch your videos every day and I am not one of your students. I have a decent amount of cash saved, been waiting to buy our first home for a long time but I am too cautious and never made a move. Now I am in my late 30s and frustrated that the cash I have saved is doing nothing for me, I have a decent job with a pension and retirement, but have to commute nearly 3 hours a day from the South Bay to the East bay. Ive been trying to learn more about myself by learning from investors like you, to hopefully find my flavor and calling in life. Thanks for your videos, your personality is very cool and I feel like I know you. Ive only begun to read rich dad poor dad, but like everything else, never finished what I started.

  3. Common Sense NOT too common
    Common Sense NOT too common says:

    Problem is the retail is their worst enemy. The employees are often lazy, uncaring, have little knowledge, are often not helpful, and sometimes are just rude.
    Stores have some issues with inventory too. They often do not have adequate selection such that you drive to the store and struggle through all the bullshit then they do not actually have exactly what you wanted especially if you wanted 7.
    With all that, many people just choose to buy often with a better price off Amazon and get it next day. They execute better. They just do.


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