Get your free 401K checkup and answer your retirement investing questions with Blooom: If you are new to investing you may be …

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  1. Freedom In A Budget
    Freedom In A Budget says:

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  2. john maddern
    john maddern says:

    Golden rule from Richest Man in Babylon . Protect your money against loss, better a safe interest growth, instead of larger risky returns. best wishes on your journey Kelly

  3. arthrodea
    arthrodea says:

    Hmm…. how exactly are they comparing fees? Because no load mutual funds will have higher yearly maintenance fees, but obviously you don't pay a considerable commission up front, where as the load mutual funds will have you pay your broker 5.75% of your account money up front, but then the maintenance fees are very low (so the loads could be a possibly a better option if you are going to hold them for a long time and not be shifting your money into other funds, but I know of many investment professionals who are very against them).
    I think its better to compare expense ratios (which includes all expenses the commission and the maintenance fees), over 10 yrs and the life of the mutual fund.


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