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  1. Andre Corniel
    Andre Corniel says:

    Yes I would start saving more aggressively the older you are, if your in your 20’s then it doesn’t weight as much, but if your 60, then it’s rough ! I keep trying to teach this on my YouTube channel too 👍🔥💰

  2. Jeff3210
    Jeff3210 says:

    Ignore Chris. He just parrot's Dave's advice with zero flexibility. He's probably afraid he would get fired if he said something different. Pay off the house if that's what you want to do. If you know what you're doing (and it sounds like the caller does), you know when it's ok to stop following the baby steps.

  3. N W
    N W says:

    In your book ‘ every day millionaires’ you mentioned that roughly 79% of millionaires build their wealth primarily from their 401(k)s, their employer sponsored company plans. And then you suggest ways to invest, the way Dave does, putting 1/4 into growth, 1/4 into growth and income, 1/4 into aggressive growth, and 1/4 and international. It seemed to me after reading your book, I assumed that the majority of these everyday millionaires invest as you and Dave recommend. Of the 79% of every day millionaires you researched, what exactly was the majority of their assets allocated? Did they invest The way that you and Dave recommend, did any of these every day millionaires have target date funds, how did they allocate their assets, what was their investing strategy?


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