Malaysia Bureau Chief Shannon Teoh talks about the voice clips released by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) that allegedly show former …

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  1. Socrative
    Socrative says:

    Bruh, aku taktau la. Geng2 Koya pun kata tindakan Koya mendedahkan audio yg patut dijadikan bahan bukti di mahkamah ini salah. Bukan aku kata, tapi Peguam PM KE-7 kita kata. Dan BAR Council. Dia (Latheefa Koya) boleh dikenakan tindakan tatatertib. Camna lak?

  2. Wolver Lex
    Wolver Lex says:

    He still free as a bird, not even a sentence taken on him after years passed, what else can you do about it, he dressed different beautiful color coat everytimes, laughing in & out of the court like attending a Ballroom Party.

  3. Rahmat Mega
    Rahmat Mega says:

    now look what happen.. 85% najib solve riza case.. coz of that.. no scandal and that was prove that was riza only pay share..Sprm should police handle it first before public..

  4. Ahmad Bukhary
    Ahmad Bukhary says:

    It’s quite an irony that both Najib and Rosmah tried so hard not to look like a villain, but actually end up to be the biggest villain of all time.. Mmg btol la org ckp.. Org yg baik x mengaku baik, org jahat x mengaku jahat..

  5. akira chan
    akira chan says:

    Politics….its full of dirty and corruptions…well, this just one of their stories…everywhere is the same, no surprise there…we as citizen of the country will always be in the dark if not for this busybody people dig it up for all to see…its not my place to laugh or angry to anybody, but i always pray for us all to be always in peace and May ALLAH Bless all of us

  6. Child of God
    Child of God says:

    Tis is not the voices of me or my wife.i am willing to go the mosque n take a sumpah laknat.tapi orang mysia n orang Melayu masih bodoh n buta masih tak sedar diri tis phrase CAN I ADVISE YOU is gonna be more popular than SILA DUDUK DAN JANGAN LARI. Next we will have the dumbos duing a video if this is true

  7. yoduk seruang
    yoduk seruang says:

    That's very clearly Datin ros punya suara.."who else panggil najib Darlinggg??and najib pun mmg mengaku tu mmg suara dia tp tu dah lama katanya…"apa motif Sprm dedahkan skrg.."??benda dah lama…hahaa.."hello darlinggg can i advise you something…🤣🤣🤣
    👉benda lama tulahhh yg dulu dia tk mengaku…now mengaku pulak.."inilahh..najib asyik2 tk mengaku pastu mengaku.."pastu rasa
    Tk….bersalah langsung "…katanya.. sbb Kimanis 😂😂😂😂..sbbnya dah kehabisan ayat nk defences himself..!!Ternyata najib lebih takut bini dari hukuman penjara… powerful black magic yg dia tu dpt "…that's why…dia blank all the time…."the only answer he could I DON'T KNOW "…I DON'T KNOW……"?

  8. Ray Mcl
    Ray Mcl says:

    All this while, everyone has known, they're have been a cover up and abuse of power, justice & corruption – which is very command & running rampantly in this beautiful country called Malaysia! I truly hope this is a good start to clean up the greed & all the corrupt cronies/leader in this country from the top/down!

  9. Redzwan Abdul
    Redzwan Abdul says:

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