The recent flare-up in the Middle East has investors asking questions about what might happen to their portfolios if a war breaks out. While every scenario is …

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  1. Af Alam
    Af Alam says:

    Everyone main focus how to get rich mega quickly and whatever way. Total lost of morality. The front picture is only money power sex fun and of course fake meditation (really funny) one sided of universal vision. At the end of the day we are all alone for the zillion and zillion of years ahead. This is what happens when everyone around get bribed no one has strength to tell the truth ultimately living with lies with guilt and regret something you will never take back. There is no purpose same as living like dogs. The whole time is wasted. lol Hope 2020 Dow Jones stock market will reach 500000. I believe the universe is in balance no matter 24 hours animal eating people tells me. lol I think we all know share 100 of trillions of dollars hahahahaah

  2. Thomas H H
    Thomas H H says:

    Thank God we have a President that has a pair and not afraid of killing the enemy! That is how you avoid war. You do not avoid war by ass kissing the enemy like all NY whiney asss liberal communists academics think. Democrats supported TERRORISM!. Democrats funded terrorism! Trump confirmed that today! Go TRUMP!

  3. Brad
    Brad says:

    The elephant in the room that you guys forgot to mention is that war is big business for US defense contractors. Every missile that gets fired off is like $1 million (of taxpayer money) in the pocket of Raytheon or BAE Systems. I feel like the war economy angle can do a lot to explain why the stock market gains during conflicts.

  4. Nathaniel Freed
    Nathaniel Freed says:

    Some proper perspective needs to be applied here. Check out the date that the Iraq war started. Stocks at that time were beaten to a pulp after the dot com bubble burst. The war started on 3/20/03 and we did go up from roughly that area of time BUT we were in a downtrend for 3 years before then and everything was oversold. It is A LOT different then entering a war when stocks are trading at extreme multiples with big companies earnings remain flat all of 2019. What about world war 2? **guy in video claims minor recession** Well from the start of the date the fact is that the market was not at all time highs and was 50% off of them when it started. What happened after the day the war started? We dropped FIFTY PERCENT over the next 3 years being in a downtrend. Is that a minor recession??? FIFTY PERCENT?! That's minor? What about Vietnam? From the month of the start of the war stocks went down 12% over the next ~3 years from that time (and that was not a world war that we are looking at being possible today). From the data I see by pulling up charts, once war starts stocks generally go DOWN for years to come.

    The market has priced in earnings growth in 2020 with the monster rally we had last year on nothing. The market discounted the fact that earnings were flat all year, but looked ahead to 2020 earnings. Well we are at those levels now with uncertainty that we could not just enter a war with a country, but a WORLD WAR considering Iran is allies with our trade war enemy China. How can a "strong consumer", which by the way buys everything on plastic and the numbers show that they are at pre financial crisis debt levels, keep buying to prop up these zombie companies if we go into a world war? Are dead soldiers going to be resurrected to come and by a new iphone? get real….


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