President Trump makes a statement about the Iranian missile strikes that were aimed overnight at U.S. military bases in Iraq. While the attacks were the latest …

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  1. Yvette Irizarry
    Yvette Irizarry says:

    If there is a Democrat around here…I would like to know if it is true that #44(sorry,but I can't say his name) he wrote: "IF THE POLITICAL WIND SHOULD SHIFT,I WILL SIDE WITH THE MUSLIMS" page 261 of his book "Audacity of Hope"….Please,answer me…

  2. G g
    G g says:

    Thank you P. Trump for you love of this country n keeping us safe! 2020 is yours. Lord here our prayers and all who side with the enemy may they reap what they sow. Omaine/Amen.
    Oh Gog n Magog, has nothing to do with P. trumps actions. I firmly believe Obama administration started a 3rd of this cuz of his hate for America, which was obvious for 8 yrs. P. Trump has indeed brought us back! Thank God!

  3. Deborah55
    Deborah55 says:

    If it were any other president they would've either payed them not to fight or sent in all of our military and claimed war was or is inevitable. I am really sick of the left. I couldn't believe they want to restrict Our Presidents authority. I feel like I'm watching a movie! It's just so unreal! It's not about his power, it's about their power. I wish President Trump could say to them…" YOU'RE FIRED "
    SMH , SMH, SMH
    TRUMP 2020!! WWG1WGA He deserve 6 more year If you ask me !!

  4. Darmok
    Darmok says:

    Iran Deal, who profited?? The Weatherman is the terrorist. Iran = Deep State (losing control). Earthquakes in Iran. Plane from Tehran for Ukraine shot down. Let's wake up to the truth of this historical FAKE national and global narrative (Carter-Rockefeller made Iran). Remember 'Rocket Man' at the UN? What happened next? 'We Pray Freedom' for Iran … Persia and the world over.

  5. María Borda
    María Borda says:

    This guy even refers to Saudi Arabia, the most severe monarchical dictatorship in the world and everyone applauds as if he was the liberator of Iran and defender of freedom….This only proves 1 thing: supporters r either ignorant or just stupid (know the facts but don't connect the lines)

  6. t b
    t b says:

    wow.! thats the man i voted for. powerful tough has balls and courage. im 5 generation mexican american in north texas , aka "train engineer" . hes has landslide written all over the front page news. im in texas and we are booming.! trump has sealed the iran coffin. trump 2020!!


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