Fox News’ national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin provides insight in the second missile attack Iran reportedly launched towards Iraq that supposedly …

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  1. Tiberius Maximus
    Tiberius Maximus says:

    as someone who's been on receiving end of hundreds of missiles and mortars in Taji, Iraq (one of the bases hit today) I can tell u these things are not accurate at all, these bases are sprawling and the chance these things hit anyone is EXTREMELY low

  2. Mr Pool Player
    Mr Pool Player says:

    Well, President trump promised to unleash Major Pain on Iranian Targets, if something like this happened. Major Pain is a kickass program, so Iran should unpack some body bags… for some immediate use. By the way…., Major Pain can't spell Compassion….

  3. John
    John says:

    America has been at war for 20 yrs now. Trillions of $ spent. Yet, homelessness, drug abuse, failing schools, no health insurance and the President's favorite people, "the under educated" Americans, they still want war. Smh!!!

  4. Mr Bush Lied
    Mr Bush Lied says:

    How come the Iranians can launch missiles to avoid casualties and have none, whilst the Americans can't launch a missile without hitting a school, hospital, wedding party, or funeral and killing dozens of innocent people?

  5. Tony Dardi
    Tony Dardi says:

    Trump ain’t gonna bow down and kiss your hand like Obama did and he ain’t gonna send you a billion dollars in cash on a plane either. Iran will find out they’ve messed with the wrong President.


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