Former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has made an explosive first public appearance since fleeing Japan, where he was awaiting trial on corruption charges.

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  1. aj b
    aj b says:

    Japan is a racist ethnostate, so it's difficult to imagine a foreigner receiving fair justice. It appears the Japanese were jealous of his success and were setting him up for a takedown. Good for him escaping.

  2. Haru Atsui
    Haru Atsui says:

    in Japan,only 2 news shows had broadcasted Ghosn's press conference on live,but both news shows discontinued it in about 20~30 minutes,and switched to ex-prosecutors' criticism against Ghosn.

    Next day,also many other news shows of Japan have used same ex-prosecutors to criticize Ghosn.

    Japan's authorities and Japanese authoritarians have thought that if strengthen doubt against Ghosn,can justify problematic judicature system of Japan.They already started to exploit Ghosn's escape as pretext to justify and strengthen 'Hostage Justice'.

    for example,despite successive human rights violation at immigration bureau facilities,Japan's Abe Government still continue to tell lies such as "Japan values human rights" "Japan's judicial system is right".

  3. street cat
    street cat says:

    Ghosn showed his spooky international network with Ex=Breen Beret who smuggled Carlos Ghosn out of Japan in a music case was hired to rescue a kidnapped reporter from the Taliban and was jailed for multi-million dollar wire fraud.

    The ex-Green Beret who smuggled former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn out of Japan in a music case is a security contractor who was once hired to rescue an American reporter taken hostage in Afghanistan and was later jailed in the U.S. for wire fraud.

    Why did Ghosn connect with experts in Special Operations?

    The name of the man is "Michael Taylor". Perhaps one of the most common name and surname combinations in the British and American territories, at the moment when it was discovered that a person with that name was on the same aircraft on which Ghosn escaped, You should have a clue what Michael Taylor it is. He is a well-known man in the "special operations" expert world.

    Taylor's wife is Lebanese

    Mr. Ghosn passed the immigration control for a private jet at Kansai International Airport, where large luggage cannot be X-rayed, by sneaking into a large audio equipment box and leaving Turkey for his homeland in Lebanon. It is this man who is believed to have guided the ride while riding the series of actions.

    According to court literature and previous reports, Taylor, born in 1960, was in the U.S. Army Special Forces, known as Green Beret, and later became involved in drug organizations as a source of information to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He has been involved in a variety of careers, including training local soldiers in Afghanistan and Lebanon. The wife who met and married in the Lebanese era is a Lebanese.

    He also worked as a security consultant, and in the past Fox News interviewed him about deficiencies in airport security measures, so no one would have been more suitable for this smuggled country. .

    《A company that provides all services such as risk assessment and complex risk mitigation even in the most difficult situations》

    The deleted homepage of American International Security, the CEO of the company, contained such words.

    It was in 2008 that the name of Taylor rose at a stretch. The New York Times reporter became a Taliban hostage in Afghanistan, and signed a contract with the newspaper to take the hostage back when the U.S. government was rescuing him. However, the reporter himself reported that he had escaped on his own, and the extent to which Taylor was actually involved remains a mystery.

    This is all the more so, as Taylor has even been accused of retrieving hostages to other American families and deceiving their family for being deceived by a book without substantial results.


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