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  1. Brandon Beavis Investing
    Brandon Beavis Investing says:

    LOL @ copyright claim on intro music… sigh…. Thanks for watching guys! What do you think of my picks? 😀

    #1. VRE.TO (Canadian) –

    #2. VYM (US) –
    #3. XEG.TO (Canadian) –

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  2. K1Fe88 Hax
    K1Fe88 Hax says:

    Great video! Really liking that VYM as a core. I'm very new to the whole investing area and have been watching every single video you have posted in the last 2 weeks! I even read/listened to the, "Rich dad, poor Dad" book. Thanks for all your help! Do you think VYM would be a good start for a new portfolio?

  3. Howard
    Howard says:

    can u do a vid on your thoughts about Forex? I see these college kids and instathots flexing their FOREX profits on IG stories and how u can learn by paying some stupid fee. Interested in what u have to say on that topic.

  4. Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams says:

    I completely forgot VRE existed; I don't understand real estate and therefore I don't know how to value them, but an ETF kind of eliminates the need to. P/E looks good, P/B looks good, and its somewhat diversified. Its a shame BPY.UN isn't one of the holdings as I've been looking at that for a while.

    I bought VYM in my simulator last February! Its been a good hold so far (up 17%). Might hold onto that for as long as the fund is operating. Not too sure if I would buy it now but who knows.

    I agree with energy being undervalued but that's a lot of risk. XEG could be good IF the federal government decides that the carbon tax needs to be changed to something acceptable. If not, we could see the fund die off. Because I'm planning on investing this year, I'll most likely pass. I'm more of an electricity person.

  5. Scott S
    Scott S says:

    My top ETF's for 2019 have a few themes… Low cost (always), moaty dividend payer & International (non U.S. based).

    My #1 theme for the coming year is International Developed & Emerging Markets… My personal way to play this is with Schwab ETFs (SCHF and SCHE).
    My 2nd them is moaty dividend payers… I prefer dividend growth over high yield and my personal favorite ways to play this is thru SCHD and VIG, Schwab and Vanguard ETFs respectively. SCHD has 57% wide moat and 32% narrow moat coverage. VIG has 65% wide and 25% narrow moat. These numbers are according to Morningstar ratings. Both are core holdings in different accounts.

    Full disclosure – I've owned all the ETFs mentioned above for a decade or longer now. I've added to each numerous times over the years and plan to do so again this year.

    BTW… I'm considering adding VIGI (Vanguard International Dividend Appreciation Index Fund).  Why?  It fits all my themes in a single ETF.  Cheers…

  6. Matt Duprau
    Matt Duprau says:

    Brandon, i'm hoping you can help (or offer your opinion). As a beginner investor, I only have 5000$ that im able to invest. A couple of options have arose, and i'm unsure of what path to take. With such a small amount to invest, in terms of asset allocation and diversification – would you recommend purchasing a few number in shares in a variety of blue chip stocks throughout different sectors, or invest into ETF's to gain exposure to the market at a lower price? My portfolio goals are long-term dividend investing. Curious to hear what your thoughts are. Thanks for your time!

  7. Sidney Shi
    Sidney Shi says:

    Thanks Brandon! As a loyal Canadian follower, I really appreciate your clarity and honesty! I also like you changing up on things instead telling everyone to buy funds of SP 500😊 Keep it up!👍

  8. Kevin Ping
    Kevin Ping says:

    Hi Brandon, can you analyze why VRE had a sudden surge of dividends spike in January 2020, a whopping 0.74¢ per share (translates to 25% annual yield.) Does investors need to be concerned about its underlaying REITs sustainability or should I buy more to take advantage of this insane yield streak?


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