Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, discusses the impeachment battle, former national security adviser John Bolton and the Trump administration’s foreign policy record.

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  1. Truth lyons
    Truth lyons says:

    You people are so sold on the Democrats being wrong! How stupid and bias way of thinking. Republicans have sold there souls for what's going on with all the evidence, facts, documents presented. You clowns are still not convinced of truth. That alone is scary. JJ Martini time it show's.

  2. chris klein
    chris klein says:

    1) Trump did nothing wrong !
    2) Trump is the victim of a partisan railroad FRAME UP job !
    3) Democrats changed the crimes as each was debunked.
    4) Democrats planned to impeach him prior to his election!

  3. Terry Pennington
    Terry Pennington says:

    Adam Schiff not only lied to the American people but he lied to Congress. And you better make him accountable for his actions. He is a liar and a loser. How are we ,the American people , allowing him to still be in office ,it’s puzzling to me. Oh I forgot, the Democrats are the ones , That Are above the law.

  4. Dawn Pesz
    Dawn Pesz says:

    Go down the street from the White House and raid that multimillion dollar house that Obama built with our tax dollars. He built as a little Whitehouse of his own with the intention to control government, continue spying on our President, and to control Our country on the side line. The corruption goes on. He needs to go!

  5. technoway
    technoway says:

    Not one thing he said is known to be true. The aid was held up after the call, and it might have been to get a PUBLIC announcement by the Ukraine that there would be investigation of Biden. The circumstantial evidence that is true is fairly strong.

    And, Trump did NOT restore aid until
    after he became aware of the whistleblower complaint.

    Rather than either side assuming the truth, I'd like for the Senate to try to find the truth instead of making assumptions. That's their job.


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