Print out the IRS form W-4 updated version here Click on the times below to jump to that section of the IRS Form W-4 2020. 1:17 Paper …

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  1. Yadira Gaspar
    Yadira Gaspar says:

    Hello very helpful and very explained, but I do have a question. If I’m married both me and my husband have to take the W-4 to our different employers?? Please let me know thank you. I appreciate all your videos.

  2. Tina Mitchell
    Tina Mitchell says:

    I have 2 questions
    1. If you put married filing jointly will employer take out the equivalent as married zero?

    2. My husband works and I'm disabled where do I include my disability income?

  3. Taylor Boykins
    Taylor Boykins says:

    Hi I was wondering I'm kinda of a dummy when it comes to this I was wondering if i want to make it so I dont have any taxes taken at all is that still possible and if so where is that located and would I be able to change in a few months ? Im from Michigan

  4. CRL 21
    CRL 21 says:

    Hi. Thanks. I did the calculator and adjusted the refund I want to zero. It said to put 300 in step 3 on the w4. When I downloaded the form, It only showed the 300. I have 3 kids so I would also get 6000 credit. So do I put 6300? Or just the 300. Thanks!!


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