FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo shares what former Nissan CEO and chairman Carlos Ghosn told her exclusively about being the victim of a coup with Japan, …

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  1. K J
    K J says:

    Little biased Maria?

    Why was he also fired from Renault?

    Also if their legal system is so screwed, why is their incarceration rate only 1/12th that of the US (62 people per 100,000 incarcerated for Japan vs 736 people per 100,000 for the US)? Btw, conviction rates for the US and Canada are also in the 90 percentile.

  2. William John Meegan
    William John Meegan says:

    Yak, yak, yak, notice how the news people do not say that the USA coerces, threatens, intimidate 95% of all USA citizens arrested to plead to crimes they did not commit.
    Nor did these new people tell the audience that the USA does not have a Judicial System; because, Judges, District Attorneys, Police Officers are what is called Vigilante Cabal:
    this means they plant evidence and commit perjury to get a jury to convict and innocent man, woman, or child of a crime he or she did not commit. WOW, hypocrisy at it best.
    Though, I am a conservative I do not even like FOX NEWS spilling out FAKE NEWS.

  3. nanascorpion M
    nanascorpion M says:

    See, same thing happening here. Japanese media(not owned by Japanese people) are controlled by same as American mainstream media and it sounds like all connected. I disappointed fox business…

  4. lil moe
    lil moe says:

    When you go to work in a foreign country you are subject to their laws and the way they operate their system of justice. If you don't like the way it is done there, don't go to work there, very simple. Don't expect other countries to function the way you want them to. It is not your country it is theirs. Finally, I would remind everyone that his country doesn't treat others so well when it comes to doling out justice.

  5. Cloud Run
    Cloud Run says:

    Make no mistake, the Japanese are arrogant, vicious people. They killed 17 million of their neighbors in world war 2, most of them civilians. There is a reason all of their neighbors hate them.

  6. duradim1
    duradim1 says:

    "I am not evading justice, I just wanted to go for a little walk." If it is true about his wife not being able to see her husband I can better understand why he wanted to leave. But there may be more information on why this was so. Fox News is so quick to take sides instead of just reporting and giving things time to shake out before doing so. They remind me of teenage girls.

  7. Lawrence
    Lawrence says:

    The Japanese authorities wanted him to flee. That's why he was freed on bail in opposition to the prosecutor's protests. The international pressure against their method of arrest and incarceration, was smearing its reputation on the global scene day after day.

  8. Henry Niemi
    Henry Niemi says:

    Reason Nissan hired Ghosn was because they mistook him for Mr Bean.
    They were like, 'Hey, its Mr Bean! He funny! He make employees happy! Happy employees build cars faster! Banzai!'

  9. こっこJP
    こっこJP says:

    The Dassalt&Breguet Group is the largest military industry company of France.
    Renault is this groups automotive division.

    Mr Ghosn was giving Nissans technology to Renault…Dassalt&Breguet.
    It is military divertible battery .

    Mr Ghosns escape was tricked by France and Lebanon .

    Why the CIA was involebed in this matter?〜Á jurnalist solved the mistery.
    Im finally refreshed .

  10. John Durkin
    John Durkin says:

    Puppet?! No puppet. You're the puppet.

    Nissan is not sovereign. Ghosn was not king, prime minister, or president (although in his mind he thought we was). He was not elected in a democratic process. He was fired by the board of directors because of misconduct. That is not a coup.

    The rush to criticize the Japanese justice system is borderline racist. The USA has a high conviction rate – 93%. Don't critique what you don't understand, but TV talking heads just talk.

    Ghosn is just another disgruntled former employee.

  11. Alex Gray
    Alex Gray says:

    There is no democracy in the world claiming that it presumes innocence for every person indicted by its legal system, which can justify a 99.4% conviction rate. Japan's judicial system has been exposed as "faceless" today.

  12. JOE
    JOE says:

    No difference how the justice system in America is crooked as hell. When they violate your rights here, there is nobody to complain to if you're not a celebrity, wealthy, or an elite.

  13. アメリカ起業・M&A・事業再生【HGMI】
    アメリカ起業・M&A・事業再生【HGMI】 says:

    Nissan top management, namely Mr. Saikawa, did not have courage to confront Ghosn, but asked the prosecutor to get rid of him and hid behind them. The prosecutor was looking for a case which would help them to regain trust lost by several major mistakes before. We hate backstabbing which Mr. Saikawa did. He was obliged to Ghosn for his own promotions for the last 10 years and the Nissan's revival. The biggest loser in this case is the stockholders and employees of Nissan and Japanese people. Prime Minister was upset Nissan management involved the country's prosecuting system, and said Nissan should have taken care of the issue by themselves.

  14. yuka takahashi
    yuka takahashi says:

    I recommend all of  you to Look at the website  of both Japanese justice ministry and Public Prosecutor's office, and see the comment on  Carlos Gohsn.  I don't know whether he would be guilty or not,. But I think  what he said were  almost self-justification and one-sided insults to Nissan and  to Japan,  performed on the worldwide- interview fenced out most of Japanese media . After a sudden illegal escape from Japan. That's not quite unacceptable for me as usual Japanese


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