Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton on revalations that a former John Kerry aide shared information with Christopher Steele via a private email. FOX Business Network …

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  1. igoski1
    igoski1 says:

    It is stunning that an over throw of a duly elected, sitting President has been going on for over 3 YEARS! And counting. With no one being held accountable and without consequence from anyone. It seems the Democrats get to do whatever they want and the Liberal Propaganda Media gives them cover. This alone is the biggest part of the scandal within the scandal.

  2. Scott Douglas MacLachlan
    Scott Douglas MacLachlan says:

    Two sleazy old farts, full of inuendo and zero stubstance. Russian sympathisers, who know damned well it was NeverTrumper Republicans who paid for the Steele dossier, and those same Republicans still can't wait to see this sh*t stain of a president go away!

  3. DAVE Hughes
    DAVE Hughes says:

    People need to realize the psychopathic connection in all this . People need to read about the symptoms of psychopathy . Most of the Democrats are actually psychopaths and they will push and lie their agenda until it sticks and if everyone else does not wake up they will get their way . The scary part is I know people that actually believe all the crap that the Democrats are dishing out . God help the world if the Democrats actually succeed . The Planet cannot deal with another round of their phoney agendas . Take Haiti for one . Billions of $s was donated but very little actually made to the disaster . Most of it ended up at the Clinton foundation and that’s where it stayed .

  4. Greg Braum
    Greg Braum says:

    Exactly, so hopefully Americans will wake up from the slumber the globalist elites have kept them under. One of the hardest things for the average person to process is the level of lies and evil the Obama Administration, the Clinton's, the globalist elites went to, and will go to, to achieve their horrendously evil agenda. It's only through Christian eyes that the real Truth can be seen.

  5. Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins says:

    It would be a far shorter list to name those NOT involved in this tangled web of treason and deceit at the highest levels of our disgusting government. Executions are in order.

  6. Montrose2525
    Montrose2525 says:

    The politicians in Washington need to get to work and stop messing around with all this bs! I think the only thing that will get their attention is couple of hundred thousand people marching on Washington to ask them what in the f*** are you people doing down here? I for one would like to know.

  7. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    Hey people. Clinton not President. Distraction for Trump. Where are his taxes? Where is cheaper better health insurance, what about wall? Yes, they are in process of taking Texans land. What about infrastructure? Over and over. He has done nothing but give tax breaks to wealthy. You want to investigate Clintons once again. How much is Secret Service and costs for Trump to fly in to HIS resort? What about Prseidential records act? He is not following that law! No records of his conversations with our enemies. What about the Hatch act? He is making money off the office. The Democrats and even some Republicans have passed many over 200 pieces of legislation but Moscow Mitch is not bringing them up! So you again try and nail Clintons. They have not got them on Benghazi. Uranium One, anything. Just lies. So wake the hell up!

  8. e james
    e james says:

    whoa whoa whoa ! the FBI and the DOJ are one thing…..they are essentially agencies unto themselves. But if fitton is gonna try and connect the dots to the state dept., that is essentially tieing the scandal to the administration. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THE KIND OF SHOCKWAVES THIS IS GOING TO SEND OUT?

  9. The Reasonable Creationist
    The Reasonable Creationist says:

    Obama and all these other Federal workers took an oath to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They believed that's what they were doing — upholding their oaths. Obama said numerous times before the election that he believed Trump as President would be a danger to the country. If he truly believed that, he would have been derelict in his duty if he HADN'T done something to defeat or cripple a Trump presidency.

    Who can fault them for doing their sworn duty?

    That's the defense/excuse they will use.

  10. Douglas Zay
    Douglas Zay says:

    Funny he claims all this without showing any evidence. Of course when a presidential campaign is so involved with Russians, all our security depts. are going to be involved. You people just buy everything you hear without one piece of evidence. Judicial Watch is only scamming you out of money as they did with Clinton's emails, and Uranium One. When are you people going to learn?

  11. G&P Coins
    G&P Coins says:

    What I don't get is since the dossier was proven to be fake, why wouldn't the FISA warrant be considered invalid, and subsequently all convictions that were a result of it be thrown out, overturned, basically invalidated?


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