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  1. Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar says:

    Hello sir… I like your videos… ur analysis and thoughts on the stocks are phenomenal. I am planning to invest in stocks for at least 15-20 years time horizon for my kids education and my retirement. I request you to please let me know at least 10-15 best stocks in various sectors which you think will perform in the future. It will be a great help from you sir… u can mail me ur picks to sushilkumars@gmail.com . tx a lot for your contribution. God bless..

  2. Ravi TJ
    Ravi TJ says:

    Good sir you are one among few who talks of investing and Positional rather than intra day katapeti and such very short term things which many people are peddling on the youtube can you make a video on where you see nifty heading over the next one year thanks


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