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  1. Ted Oakley
    Ted Oakley says:

    I think you're correct man, the sooner the better. Doesn't matter if you invest $100 or $10000, the experience you gain will be priceless in addition to really seeing if investing is truly for you. Great video man!!!

  2. Tanson Thomas
    Tanson Thomas says:

    US and Canada indices look pricey but there are good value picks in most sectors that will reward you handsomely. If you have only less money and your knowledge of skills needed for this trade is limited then invest in yourself. Warren Buffets well known quote is “Invest in yourself”

  3. Hugo Smith
    Hugo Smith says:

    are talking starting a family?


    same things can be said……..children MAKE you ready.
    no one is ready before …….. when you think you're almost there, another page turns and you realize the life you set up CANNOT have children.

  4. Drew Lyons
    Drew Lyons says:

    Hey fyi I found a Canadian bank that pays 2.3% interest on all accounts with no minimum balance or promo period. Called EQ Bank, online and CDIC insured up to 100k!

  5. david renfro
    david renfro says:

    I agree…paper trading with a moderate balance and or real trading buying just one or 5 per entry will teach you to watch ups an downs to respect the ways to spot selling and buying locations with limited amount of loss but fully vested attention!

  6. DJ W
    DJ W says:

    Couldn’t explained it better than you did. Brief and to the point! I wish I saw this video in my earlier time, so my mistakes cost me less money then they did. 👍🏻

  7. Amna Nasir
    Amna Nasir says:

    Can you make a video on how to report stocks on tax return in Canada? I have never done my own taxes before and am starting this year, so would really love to learn how to add the tax return info!

  8. K1Fe88 Hax
    K1Fe88 Hax says:

    Great channel, Brandon! I've been non stop watching and learning as I'm new to the investment world. My question to you is, I have a little guy coming into the world very soon and have heard some great things about, "RESP's" Would love for you to go into detail about a RESP and what us Canadians could benefit from them! Keep up the great work!!!

  9. Mike Carpenter
    Mike Carpenter says:

    I think it's really important for everyone to get into the Habit of transferring $50 or $100 per pay into their Questrade account (or whichever brokerage), which will eventually be that "snowball". I'm a fan of Vanguard Canada. VFV.TO and VGRO.TO, which I believe you covered before in another great video.

  10. uriel hylton
    uriel hylton says:

    Start investing ASAP the biggest regret of most people who did not start investing right away is that they wish they would have started earlier when they had the chance
    Now with that said I find myself in a familiar yet not the same situation in trying to decide if I should purchase Boeing now or keep waiting for it to fall,, Its unreal with all the bad press and company problems you would think that this stock would drop like most companies do with that receive bad press take facebook and apple previously for instance.. Brandon I would like to get your input as to why you think Boeing is so resilient.. PS I like the dividends they pay also so if the stock does drop It would have an amazing Yield.

  11. James Lynn
    James Lynn says:

    I listened to what Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful) said about this, and he said start off with 15% in stocks and then up to 25%. I think this is rediculous as I’m about 80% in stocks. Although I think there is value in what he says, especially at high levels. I think 60-40 is fair at these levels.

  12. lnthens
    lnthens says:

    Wanting to start investing now at 22 . Could you possibly make a video explaining Wealth Simple Trade in deeper details ? I've read about there not being all the stocks/International markets etc. I was wondering if you could elaborate on that / know if they will be adding more options in the future ? Also, is the 1.5% or whatever it is fee for buying US Stocks making this broker less worth than let's say : Questrade ? I really dig the phone app approach as a person on the move a lot. Thanks!

  13. Scott S
    Scott S says:

    I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there that are waiting to invest until they have more money and/or waiting for the next crash. Waiting can work sometimes, but history has shown that 'time in the market beats timing the market'.  

    I can understand waiting until you have "more money", assuming that means building up an emergency fund or something similar. I don't believe in timing the market just to time the market tho'. While I've scaled back purchasing certain stocks that have become high flyers (see AAPL, AMAT, CRM, MA, V, etc., etc.), I'm still initiating and building new positions where I find value (recent buys include CCJ, CTVA, HBI, MAC & STOR).

    Thanks for the great content as always Brandon…

  14. Grace Openshaw
    Grace Openshaw says:

    It's better to start now with less money because it takes awhile to have a feel for the way investing works. You're more emotionally prepared to handle and can figure what strategy works for you.

  15. Hamish Hodder
    Hamish Hodder says:

    100% agree! Saving matters more in the early years, and your rate of return matters more in the later years. But in order to make consistent returns in the later years, you need to have practised in the market over many years.


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