Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses Carlos Ghosn’s escape and what may happen next with Japan’s lack of judicial “due …

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  1. universe peace
    universe peace says:

    Misunderstanding of Japanese prosecution system! In many of western country, arrest = prosecution, but in Japan prosecution rate is 30-50% out of arrest and guilty /arrest is less than western countries, for in Japan there are a lot of selections with proof or evidence before prosecution, which is why their guilty /prosecution is high, but much less in guilty /arrest.

  2. James Collins
    James Collins says:

    So Is Japan’s Government a form of Communism, we in the U.S. haven’t been paying attention to??
    Or we’ll ask… If not Communistic, it seems set-up to disregard the RIGHTS of the accused in a similar way.
    Even more important, do the Japanese have the courage to admit something is wrong and fix the problems?

  3. measl
    measl says:

    As they correctly point out, any system that has a 99% conviction rate is clearly rigged – now consider that the Federal prosecutions here in America also has an impossible conviction rate (without it being rigged) of 94%! The Japanese system differs from ours only in design of the outward appearances, but they are effectively the same in the end.

  4. Carter
    Carter says:

    Never forget Schaeffer Cox. US has unjust political prisoners too. "Tax fraud" is a way US punishes, if their case is weak, or they want 'em gone for a decade +

  5. AlmondChoco1221
    AlmondChoco1221 says:

    Ghosn fled From Japan because he couldn't buy justice there. Ghosn thinks can buy justice in Lebanon where they don't even have the jurisdiction of what happened in Japan to a Japanese company. Ghosn is a true dictator thinking that he can have the extraterritorial rights.

  6. AlmondChoco1221
    AlmondChoco1221 says:

    The conviction rate for the arrested in Japan is 50-70%. Japanese prosecutors only prosecute the cases where they have enough evidences. So if Japan prosecute all the arrested then the conviction rate drops drastically.

  7. MistieBlue
    MistieBlue says:

    The biggest SHAME is on JAPANESE Justice system!

    Second shame are on French merdia!👎🏿

    When the French media announced his arrest they started to say that he was guilty (if someone can read between the lines,) with dirty accusations certainly for those who know how to understand how French media can rot when it comes to unfounded accusations! Mr Carlos G was already guilty of everything.
    It was a real coup! Against him!!

    He did it right!
    Bravo Lebanon! 👍👍👍
    You save his life!

  8. Dr. O
    Dr. O says:

    I guess the biggest question underlying is,….who owns Renault? Rothschilds? I know France doesn't, somebody does. And really, I can see why Japan don't want to lose the Company and see it get shipped across Europe, which is what I was thinking the plan could have been in the first place.

  9. Nom Nom
    Nom Nom says:

    Japan is a disgrace, they are embarrassed and afraid all the dirty trick were exposed. Maria was the only one who knew this before anyone for years… Her instincts and experience

  10. Jio Bodega
    Jio Bodega says:

    every democracy government always surveille their suspect 24/7 and restricted them from contacting anyone something the USA government does on a daily basis 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️


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