China and one of its closest Southeast Asian neighbors push forward with new plans for the future. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held talks with Laotian Prime …

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  1. Linh Trịnh Hoài
    Linh Trịnh Hoài says:

    After Laos it would be Cambodia and Thailand all the way to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. One day a Singaporean would be able to travel thru bullet train all the way to Harbin. Hop into the Trans Siberian Railway, that same Singaporean can go all the way to Amsterdam. All thanks to China's BRI

  2. 华梦
    华梦 says:


  3. Xayalat Phomivanh
    Xayalat Phomivanh says:

    Laos need to burn down it currency, the kip and covert to use the Chinese Youn. People in her country have problem counting the Laos Kip. Laos people will welcome that. because currently, we hate carry 3 money in our pocket. – Laos Kip, Thai Baht, Chinese Youn.


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