Jan.06 — Carlos Ghosn, the ousted leader of Nissan Motor Co. and Renault SA, facing trial in Japan for financial crimes, fled to Lebanon at the end of December …

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  1. Fohpono
    Fohpono says:

    He’s on the short side with Asian looking eyes, so wearing those masks that are commonly worn by Japanese in public, he would have an easier chance of sneaking pass law enforcement than a tall, blond and blue eyed Swede. His heart must have been pumping all the way until take off and escaping Japanese air space.

  2. Sami Katrib
    Sami Katrib says:

    Carlos Ghosn was the son of refugee escaping persecution and wars in the middle east, He worked very hard and exceeded every one's expectations. He shared his wealth with his family and honored his people of three countries. President Obama thought very highly of him enough to offer him the job of GM CEO but he declined the double salary and stayed with an evolving Nissan .

  3. yo yo
    yo yo says:

    The fact he spent a lot of money for private purpose would stay unchanged
    even if Japanese judicial system didn't have any defects.Don’t replace the issue with something else about the Japanese judicial system!He is just trying to change the subject.I think he should face it.

  4. Johnny Azer
    Johnny Azer says:

    Is it just me or does Ghosn look like an Asian villian in the thirties when they discriminated, and had white actors do those parts…Ah doctor Moto, should I pour acid on his genitals now…….yes……..grasshoper.

  5. minet dbrogs
    minet dbrogs says:

    Very interesting,…that media not looking at it …from justice done ….but rather …how did he do that….which means that lots of politics wanting him behind bars….

  6. watyuk1
    watyuk1 says:

    Ghosn didn’t report more than 50% of about 990 million yen!
    He is a guilty and thief ! He’s Lebanon home is also does not own by him, it’s owned by Nissan Corporations! He’s wife also guilty and has arrest warrant!

  7. アメリカ起業・M&A・事業再生【HGMI】
    アメリカ起業・M&A・事業再生【HGMI】 says:

    Nissan top management, namely Mr. Saikawa, did not have courage to confront Ghosn, but asked the prosecutor to get rid of him and hid behind them. The prosecutor was looking for a case which would help them to regain trust lost by several major mistakes before. We hate backstabbing which Mr. Saikawa did. He was obliged to Ghosn for his own promotions for the last 10 years and the Nissan's revival. The biggest loser in this case is the stockholders and employees of Nissan and Japanese people. Prime Minister was upset Nissan management involved the country's prosecuting system, and said Nissan should have taken care of the issue by themselves.

  8. Stephen Karam
    Stephen Karam says:

    I would NEVER…NEVER…reveal how I escaped to protect my methods and to protect those who helped. Ghosn should have kept his mouth shut! Now he is putting those who helped him at risk from Interpol, despite the blatant and undeniable injustice he most defintely suffered at the hands of the Japanese. I wonder where the Japanese prosecutor learnt all that twisted shit from? Their justice system sounds more the nightmare you hear about in China. Now it makes sense why you don't hear the Japanese supporting the Free Hong Kong movement.

  9. John K
    John K says:

    Japanese pearl harbor style SNEAK ATTACK!! Ghosn was prosecuted and jailed for not reporting his FUTURE compensation that wasn't recieved, while SAIKAWA was NOT prosecuted NOR jailed for RECIEVING CURRENT compensations that WASN'T REPORTED (yes, they both made adjustment later)!!! Gee where is the fundamental FAIRNESS!!!! Looks and smells like prosecutorial SNEAK ATTACK to regain Nissan back from the French. Once SNEAK ATTACKER Always SNEAK ATTACKER!!!!

  10. Jordy Hare
    Jordy Hare says:

    This guy is literally now a hero in the eyes of the world ! Japan has literally lost everything they had on the back of an absurd and fairly criminal-archaic behaviour and they have initiated the situation themselves. No human beings will look at Japanese citizens in the same way as before any longer. Their authorities have ruined their own people and culture ´s reputation. Are their leaders going to commit suicide / hara-kiri? The real question is why on earth they have done something so stupid and suicidal? Unless that this was just the historical occasion where they simply showed their true face to the world without being even self conscious of who they were. There will be a History of Japan Before Ghosn and after Ghosn.


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