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  1. Spartan King
    Spartan King says:

    Hey guys. I’m getting into an argument with one of my friends about if I should get a loan on a car and he says I should but I don’t think I should cause I don’t like debt and I think the only time u should be in debt is if ur investing in Real estate. So my question who you think is in the right

  2. Ben Kucenski
    Ben Kucenski says:

    Spending money on your own house you plan on living in, isn't an investment aside from keeping you at market value. Which matters not at all until you sell or rent your property unless there's a serious issue like doors, windows or a roof that leaks. You really shouldn't do any major changes until 6-12 months before you plan to sell or rent out your property and at that point you need to research the neighborhood to see what other homes comparable to yours are selling for and what they look like. Spending $50,000 on a new kitchen is a great way to lose $30,000. Same with bathrooms. Almost no home improvements have a positive return on investment. They're for you, that's it. And after 5 years, anything you did has completely lost any value in the market. If you want to get into real-estate investing, watch Meet Kevin on YouTube and read books. Your best option with the home you're in is to not destroy it and clean it when you go to sell it.

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    digital subliminal messages says:

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  4. Reiden Lightman
    Reiden Lightman says:

    Does building a house somehow build wealth? No. Sounds like mental gymnastics. Wanna have a better house? Great, but don’t treat fixing your house as the same thing as investing for retirement.

  5. Jason Halloway
    Jason Halloway says:

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