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  1. StockMarket Funda
    StockMarket Funda says:

    Hello viewer, don't panic , if on monday 6th Jan 2020, market negative , due to global clues. In indiabulls housing, strength is just started. so, may try to consolidate due to negative market. Please view full video for proper analysis and future target . so don't panic in market.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Please make a video on Taxes earned from short term n long term capital gains from equity shares. How should we pay that 15% Short term n 10% long term taxes? Shall we directly handover the tax amount to our CA or shall we pay online in Incometax website. Or shall we send a demand draft to IT department for the same? Also how should We calculate that tax amount earned from short term gain. Suppose if someone is earning on daily basis on intraday trading with number of transactions. Then how can we calculate that net profit amount earned between 1 april 19 to 31st march 2020 ? I m using zerodha. Where can I find that balance sheet mentioning net profit or net loss of whole 1 financial year? Please make a video on it n try to clear our queries bro. Thank you..


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