Journalist Michelle Ng talks about the first day of the zero tolerance policy on the electric-scooter ban, and shares first-hand experience of the situation on the …

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  1. Sean
    Sean says:

    Can PMD riders ride across pedestrian crossings that connect PCNs? Technically it is considered a road but then again, it is like part of the PCN.

  2. Enviotonin85
    Enviotonin85 says:

    Well….they havent come across escooter mod in wheelchair. And they didnt mention about ebikes on footpaths, some of those food deliver rider changed to ebike but still thinking the can ride a ebike on a footpath.

  3. Chapman Inc.
    Chapman Inc. says:

    That is a considerable amount of public money being spent on resources to implement this law. The criminals must be laughing all the way to their luxury yachts whilst sitting comfortably in their helicopters. You know, the ones that run banks?


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