The SECURE Act was recently passed, and it includes many provisions regarding IRAs and 401(k) plans that may have an impact on you. In this video, Andrew …

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  1. Re3iRtH
    Re3iRtH says:

    I never understood the idea of RMDs or even starting to spend your investments at 65 (ie. 401k and 4% rule). The ideal plan is to be wealthy and have passive cash flow / financially freedom when you're young. Not when you're old or dead.

    Extension of when you can pull out retirement accounts and RMDs only benefits the government, and detriments the individual. I would be happier if retirement accounts can be accessed at age 30 or 35.

    Most people will be wealthy when they are old. Nothing exciting and not something to aspire to. The goal should be to be wealthy, free, and have options in your 30s, then you can decide to work BY CHOICE.


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