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  1. vinyl1Earthlink
    vinyl1Earthlink says:

    You've got the wrong French riots, Josh. The Yellow Vests were six months ago, this is now. You can read the BBC or The Times of London, you'll get better European news – assuming you can't read about it in French.
    Addressing the article, there are in fact many people who are plenty wealthy enough to retire for 20 or 30 years, or ad infinitum. These are the people who have enough assets to live on their income, even if the assets only pay 2%.

  2. Rick Leffel
    Rick Leffel says:

    Her solution was to work longer and save more. The 20 to 30 year remark was her saying work till 70 to 75 and only have 15 years of retirement to fund. That was what I got out the end of the article

  3. Grover Burkett
    Grover Burkett says:

    Being debt free is very important but living in a high property tax area causes problems for seniors with only SS income. The senior exemption is not nearly enough in Illinois to deal with the high cost of real estate in the Chicago metro area. Ideally people should leave high property tax areas but leaving an area at retirement is often difficult, even more so if adult children are still living at home. I actually think that people not yet retired today are probably better off that people that retired 30 years ago without a pension.

  4. treesnmoguls
    treesnmoguls says:

    ABSOLUTELY agree with getting rid of debt, Josh! Besides the debt, the major problems I see with DC plans are: 1. Many folks (myself included), ONLY have access to individual IRAs which limit contributions to $6/7K per year. Why the flip should IRA contributions be so limiting relative to 401Ks? 2. On a LARGE SCALE, people are people and don't do what they SHOULD do. For example, replacing the car/house/iphone before making retirement contributions. Even WHEN they make contributions, they don't hire an adviser nor do careful research on how to invest (not applicable to your audience).

  5. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Where do you suggest one turn that has no knowledge of investments nor all of the tax laws surrounding them? I keep hearing "seek a tax professional" but who is that and do they have your investment's/wealth's interest in mind?

  6. D Moon
    D Moon says:

    Great point at the end: problem identification without at least suggesting a path to a solution is not so useful. The “coming retirement crisis”: not enough retirees have liquidated all their debt prior to stepping away from earned income.

  7. Kevin Huff
    Kevin Huff says:

    An under reported aspect of Yellow Vests is half of them are Socialists. They are not out to change the taxes or benefits. They voted for Macron because he promised free stuff. They are protesting that Macron has not delivered the free stuff he promised. They want to replace Macron with a better Socialist who will deliver the free stuff.

  8. tomj528
    tomj528 says:

    "Almost no one today will earn enough money in a lifetime to not work for 20 to 30 years of not working at the end of their life." REALLY??? REALLY??? Literally EVERYONE earns enough to do so. To begin with, you don't need to earn it all if you let compounding returns and your savings rate do the heavy lifting for you with a long time horizon. Besides, I'm living proof…not quite 50 and we've got 32 times spending and still going strong with bags of time to go. This is a potent combination of diligent investing AND a wonderfully frugal lifestyle…all too easy. I just used the end of last night's NYE shrimp cocktail sauce on my turkey sandwich for lunch, delicious and frugal. This is my favorite part of frugality, I never would have thought to put shrimp cocktail sauce with turkey but it was really good and I used up something most folks would normally just throw out..the little plastic cup it came in will get used as a glue or paint pot before I recycle it too. I love being a conservative in every sense of the word, using every resource efficiently. This is something liberals will never understand as they clamor for more money to throw at "climate change"/pollution/etc. These can never be affected with increased spending as the only solutions that work actually save instead. We save thousand every year by decreasing our energy usage at home, in our vehicles and even with where we choose to go. Imagine the resource savings of simply keeping everything from your vehicles to electronics for at least a decade rather than constantly "upgrading" to the latest and greatest. Whenever some crazy liberal start going off on me about "climate change" I just quietly point out the differences in our carbon footprints and they shut right up 😉 Of course they'll never make any changes to their lifestyle to become more environmentally friendly, but that's their nature.

  9. Sandra Binder
    Sandra Binder says:

    It does feel clickbaity.. and my perception of he title would have caused me to intentionally not read it. Thanks for the review! We always look forward to your emails Josh! ~Nicknsandra


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