Canadians are feeling optimistic about their finances heading into the new year yet worse about their romantic lives, according to an exclusive Ipsos poll for …

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  1. Virginia Addis
    Virginia Addis says:

    I canadian i rich i no conservative or pig lover but i live in the peg not calgary WE GOT THE CUP WE BOOMING ALL RESOUSES UNDER FEDERALIST CONTROL… YEAH WE RICH…. AND We got the grey cup nanh nah nahhhh….

  2. R. A.
    R. A. says:

    Canadians are becoming poorer under the liberals via various increases in taxes (publicly known and others systematically hidden). Wages are not keeping up with inflation and our dollar has stayed weak for like the last 5 years. Nothing to celebrate under the Trudeau liberals, just a bunch of high sounding empty words designed to keep Trudeau and his gang in power.

  3. P L
    P L says:

    these "happier people" …..*Cough* sheeple *Cough*………must be blind and dumb as stumps.
    corrupt politicians….homelessness……..etc…..etc.

  4. andy
    andy says:

    End the central banking system it’s unfair and manipulated. The debt bubble will get much worse because it’s just a dream to end the FED it will never happen.


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