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  1. soumya panda
    soumya panda says:

    Inverted duty structure is a situation where import duty on finished goods is low compared to the import duty on raw materials that are used in the production of such finished goods.

  2. Irfan M
    Irfan M says:

    With regards to Kashmir map, Google Maps in India shows POK aa Indian territory and the same Google Maps in Pakistan and some other countries shows POK as Pakistani territory.
    It is because Google does not want to upset either India or Pakistan if it shows same map every where.
    The funny thing is that Google Maps in China shows parts of India of Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese territory.

  3. Janardhan Reddy
    Janardhan Reddy says:

    First of all I would like to Wish all the members and the StudyIq team, especially "sir" a very "HAPPY CHRISTMAS".
    1. when import duty on raw materials (I..e on inputs) is taxed more than the finished product ( I..e on output), it is Inverted Duty Structure.
    2. Speed of sound – 343m/s or 1235km/hr.

  4. Puneet dutt
    Puneet dutt says:

    inverted duty structuree is the situation where the import duty on the funish good is low as campared to import duty on the raw material good that are used in the production of such finish goods


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