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  1. NOT Sustainable
    NOT Sustainable says:

    With every new parliament the taxes get higher and the rights become fewer, when will we all wake up to the fact that government is not our friend, we are their slaves, and slaves have no rights whatsoever. The electoral system does not work, it is as fake as Trudeau's eyebrows. Freedom will never come willingly from the hands of slave-owners. Without us what else do these otherwise useless do-nothings have? They will never give us our liberty back no matter who is elected. Canada needs a Trump but most of you have been baffled by the BS MSM narrative that "Orange man is bad". Here is a question for that crowd, have you asked yourself why the corrupt media hates this man with such a passion? In 47 years on this planet I have never seen Canadian MSM go after the US president the way they currently are, why now? Why are they pulling out all the stops and risking libel to discredit and invalidate / remove this man. Could it be because the system which many of us now know is completely corrupt is afraid because he is telling the truth, and they know that if they cannot erase him, or take him down their goose is cooked and all of their pedo partners are finally going to jail for their laundry list of crimes?

  2. Tim Coolican
    Tim Coolican says:

    CPC LEADER – regardless of who is chosen as leader of the conservative party, the party needs to rethink its position on the policies which are countering our prosperity. The y need to be a in true opposition to the liberals ideology and agenda. Until they accomplish this, I will always support Maxime Bernier. He has the platform and the policies to return Canada back to a position of strength and freedom.

    MANDEL – he doesn't want to become a martyr…oh good…that was a close one! No, he just wants to kill anyone who is part of the military. Well, that's okay. Our military are trained to repel terrorists. What kind of thinking is this?! That he is not mentally stable? No terrorist is! You have to be pretty f*cked up to want to kill in the name of your religion. Regardless of what religion you do it for. He should be incarcerated for the rest of his life, Three squares and a bed. What more reward could a 'would-be' terrorist ask for. You'd never have to work. It's still only other violent men that you're hanging out with, something he was likely used to. Sounds like a good life for someone who has committed murder…no? Keep this f*ck in jail…period.

    ECONOMY & IMMIGRATION – if we don't have continued or sustained economic growth, bringing in more immigrants will only increase unemployment, welfare, and housing cost and availability. The problem right now is that we don't have economic growth or stability. In fact, Trudeau, and his restrictive, and reprehensible, policies have decreased foreign investments, and increased the costs of business in Canada. Yet, the influx of immigrants still grows. He is killing our energy sectors oil & gas industry, and all but shutting down operations to provide Canadian oil & gas to eastern Canada. Trudeau is letting Chinese oil companies drill off the eastern coast of Canada. We already have off-shore drilling operations on the grand banks. Why are Canadians not drilling their own oil here?! This will leave eastern Canada at the mercy of Chinese oil, and absolutely destroy any future prosperity of selling Canadian oil on the global market. This is the fearless, progressive, and insightful leader easterners have chosen. It seems more likely, if Trudeau is left in power, that western Canada needs to separate for eastern Canada, before it's too late. He will drag western Canada down with the east if we allow him to continue his campaign. Either that or replace him…and soon!

  3. Sally Brown
    Sally Brown says:

    To be FAIR Pollivue is the BEST of a bad lot! Unlike most of the other PC party lites he was VERY vocal last year and even took Scheer's hand and spoke for him in front of united we roll when Scheer would have wet his pants in front of the crowd.
    HOWEVER!! Being the BEST of a bad lot DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE GOOD! Certainly not the best there IS!! Just simply means that you might be a nugget of undigested corn in a pile of crap. When you look at it like that the question becomes " Do you REALLY WANT IT?" 💩
    Merry Christmas everyone! All the best in 2020!! May this new decade bring us a swift and long lasting reprieve from liberals and globalists!
    Safe and happy Christmas and New Year guys! Thanks everyone for showing up and caring about what goes on!

  4. johnpadvaiskas
    johnpadvaiskas says:

    So sad to see a judge on this criminals side we need to drain the swamp of criminal loving judges what happend to justice the word means fairness. No fairness for Victims only pain and TEARS.

  5. Ben McKean
    Ben McKean says:

    Our economy is based on immigration, which is a big problem and is not something that can continue. Also aside from the long term macro economic problems there is per capita GDP which means all are poorer. Of course there is the cultural problems and problems of diversity in proximity. Big problems!

  6. Sleeping Lioness
    Sleeping Lioness says:

    If Scheer thinks he was attacked for his religious beliefs, Pierre won't be any different. The libs love to attack Catholics, but then, so do the conservatives. In his last farewell on Power Play, Craig Oliver was adamant about getting rid of social conservatives. He was more than scary.

  7. Drew H
    Drew H says:

    i would never vote for the conservatives again if they put charest in as leader. He was federal conservative leader in 90's until he left fed politics to lead the quebec liberal party and he was quebec premier as a liberal for 12 yrs. What is it with this faux conservative party they are trying to pass off as a conservative. Carpet baggers is all they are, and every one of them are liberal globalist red on the inside no matter what they try and tell you.

  8. Deacon Blues
    Deacon Blues says:

    The last federal election showed us that there is very little difference between the Liberal and Conservative parties. The Liberals are heading for the far left and the Conservatives are not far behind.

  9. robert brown
    robert brown says:

    I think the Conservative Party should rename themselves the Centrist Party of Canada (CPC), and the PPC should be called the conservatives. At least this would be an accurate representation.

  10. robert brown
    robert brown says:

    Regarding your segment on the (not a) terrorist. Of course this piece of s**t is a terrorist, but as predicted by Australian and European social media long ago, that's how our Islamophile, UN-loving governments want to spin this – drugs, mentally ill. Get ready, motion M-103 and this kind of propaganda-type reporting (successfully used by China, Russia, N.Korea, Nazi Germany) is preparing us for a flood of hundreds of thousands more like this waste of skin. He offends me by breathing the same air I do.

  11. Liz Bennett
    Liz Bennett says:

    Well their all on welfare how does that help our economy? All it does is drive down wages increase unemployment overload the schools hospitals etc so why are we flooding country with immigrants. Bring the ones in that can speak English be able to work or close the boarders!!!!!

  12. Liz Bennett
    Liz Bennett says:

    It's really the bank of Rothchild's idiots. I now officially hate my country I'm tired of waking people up. I give up put my head down and ignore all this crazy shit happening all over the world and people say nothing. Useless eaters is correct your all as useless as a bag of hammers. The stupid out there amazes me.

  13. Dave Kay
    Dave Kay says:

    Economic expansion or growth is actually a measure of monetary shrinkage, the rate at which central banksters steal Canadian wealth.
    Mark: I was a Toronto Star paper boy sixty years ago!

  14. Captain Vanaroo
    Captain Vanaroo says:

    Pollivue the problem is the same too much of the wrong experience just another joker no no When Trump ran for office he had no experience in public office at all, this clown is another Scheer a Fresh phony face with glasses this time so what the west is not gonna buy it.


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