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  1. Scott Gil
    Scott Gil says:

    Hes still in his 40's And hes retiring on tax payer money . The police don't give 2 shits About the public all we care about is their Pension and their benefits for themselves and their families and this is Disgusting .

  2. Jean Louis
    Jean Louis says:

    Wasn't he the one that said that he stands behind the officers that shot over 200 rounds at the "UPS truck"….? I think there's more to his retirement then what he's leading on. He wants to leave,before the hammer gets dropped.

  3. jay jo
    jay jo says:

    Wowwww what a scumbag. Geez there will be justice for frank and the other victim. People need to start speaking up and demanding a change in the way police conduct themselves like thugs. Have you seen some of these Miami cops? They look more criminal then some criminals.

  4. Marc Gene
    Marc Gene says:

    SMH, regardless of his retirement he will always have blood on his hand and he can not run away from that fact that his officers cowardly executed two innocent men under his watch, the coward….


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