President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton discusses the ‘lies’ former FBI director James Comey reportedly said during his interview on Sunday and explains the Democrats’ attempt to remove President Trump from office.

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21 replies
  1. Denise Wright
    Denise Wright says:

    Corney did that plus they told the Russians 3 times and never said nothing to canidate Mr Donald Trump,I don't understand you people it's like you all want to start a civil war lock people up people are getting very tired of all this coup and garbage

  2. Citizen Joe
    Citizen Joe says:

    Still on Comey? Prove it…In this political atmosphere it seems opinions are like a**holes, everybody's got one.
    Facts not rumor…but let's make stuff up, throw it out there and see what sticks… 
    Trumpsters will eat whatever garbage they're thrown…
    By the way, where's that wall?

  3. jamie mowi
    jamie mowi says:

    Finally!!  This disgraceful Putin installed Fraud sniveling mentally unfit Traitor is Impeached ~!~  Way to go Nancy and the Democrats – you are doing what 70% of Americans have asked you to do – Job well done Justice Democrats ~!~  Bring on 2020 – is that a blue tsunami wave in the distance?

  4. Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb says:

    Comey should be in jail but isn't hes still receves a pension larger then your salary and your paying for his pension. This is criminal but thats what IRS is an arm for Comeys pension.
    IRS reform and pension reform now.

    Since our vote doesn't matter to the Democrats, why r we paying congress salaries, pensions and vacations with our taxes?

  5. Valerie Root
    Valerie Root says:

    If that's how the Democrats are going to win , using the majority of the house With Nothing but liar's evidence, to deceive and elaborate on the truth,. Then the people are being hoodwinked and it's the people's money those Democrats are using to do it with.

  6. William Porter
    William Porter says:

    Nasty Pelosi, Shifty Schiff, Chuck the Duck and Sleeping Beauty Nader will all be re-elected, the Dems will control the house and Trump will face a second impeachment probably before the first one gets tried, thats my new years prediction. Trump will resign before election and nominate Vladimir as his suck sessor and Kim Jong Un will mug Pelosi and show her his rocket. Shifty Schiffs boyfriend will ask for his hand in marriage find he has whistleblower skid marks on his tongue and AOC will lose her voice permantly and her viginity temporarily. Trump will go back to making billions on property deals across the world. The American economy will tank and China will rename America Amer i char and Chop sticks will replace the Eagle on the flag. Robert Deniro will be Ambassador to Canada and forced to live there, Meryl Streep will go to jail for Harvey Willyhewhine and Barrak TheBumma will come out and declare he is the pillow biter not Michael.
    This is not fake news its from a memo Shifty sent to FIL Georgie porgy asking Santa for forgiveness for telling the truth about something, anything.

  7. Love Works
    Love Works says:

    comey is corrupt, not stupid. if he thought he was going to be arrested or face charges he wouldn't be doing interviews and writing books…Barr is a part of the old boys club, no charges. Linsey graham good buddies with Muellur…they all connected by the pocket book. They all trying to figure out how to get past this without the public noticing.


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