Markets will be roiled next year by a new “world disorder”, the likes of which we’ve never seen before, this according to Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends …

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  1. RL B
    RL B says:

    Just fucking wrong. The elites who put us here, the ones who created this horrific mess deserve a slow, tortuous death, it'd be even better if we could resuscitate them, over and over again somehow, and continue that process for a few years. The elites have lived off our back, luck gifted them ultra rich families and we will gift them pain. They have earned it.

  2. Mark Skyscraper
    Mark Skyscraper says:

    I really like Celente. But, he is all over the place. If you want to understand the central banking disease and not just mull over its many national system symptoms, then I recommend also Mike Maloney. Maloney Hidden Secrets of Money series is very simple and thorough to identify the basic buy out of the nations by the central banks which this all is.

    Obviously, after the next crash cycle your countries and governments, all the institutions, public properties and the entire commercial asset sphere, and most of the gold and silver, will be central bank OWNED, outright. Thus, a wealth sovereign is a world sovereign, very simple.

    The goal is world government, the means to that end is mostly central banking. That is, only the tough hold outs like Russia, China, and certain sectors of the Middle East, etc, will require superior force to fall in line with world government. Most world government sovereignty will be bought by assumed debt ownership, debt forgiveness for full ownership. That is for what is left, that they have not already "bought out".

    The military and economic crash aspects aid the process. Moreover, it provides the global distraction context. Thus, by the time people realize "what just happened", you guessed it, it will be way way too late. In fact, it is already too late. What is coming is what they call just "the cherry on top", it is as good as done folks.

  3. Bob Etheredge
    Bob Etheredge says:

    Great work Kitco team !! Always a pleasure to listen to Gerald, his passion and wisdom put the theiving cockroaches from the markets into hiding. They can not stand the spotlight of his truth!!


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