HOW TO FUND YOUR INFINITE BANKING POLICY WITH RETIREMENT FUNDS. Start to Be Your Own Bank, while also funding your qualified retirement …

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  1. Rich Proto
    Rich Proto says:

    Good video I did this this year to fund my policy but instead of paying back my 401k loan I paid off high interest debt.
    Have you ever heard of the IRS rule 55t…this rule let's you pull from your 401k plan the year you turn 55 through 59.5. There are some rules it has to be your current jobs 401k, older accounts are not allowed unless they are rolled into your current 401k. This rule let's you access your 401k the year you turn 55 so if you birthday is in June that January you can retire, quit, get paid off whatever and collect from your plan with no penalty. This is a game changer for me My new retirement age is 55 😎


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