Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan provides insight into China trade and the state of the U.S. economy.

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35 replies
  1. YoBro
    YoBro says:

    Smokescreen. Until a citizen can only own one residence, and land is free, this country is and will be trash! Gov needs to exterminate all landlords.

  2. Mark P
    Mark P says:

    What were you thinking, Fox Business? Greenspan's track record is the WORST! I can't believe you gave him air time. This is another sign that Fox Business is falling into the quagmire of FAKE NEWS and PROPAGANDA!

  3. john poole
    john poole says:

    I could see the strings coming from his hands, but Schiff did a good job of hiding with his hand up the back to make the mouth move.He needed to straighten the glasses out so not to drive us crazy while watching the punch and judy show

  4. Are See
    Are See says:

    Some things are more important than "economic activity" — like the well being of the American people and the longterm viability of the United States. This is one of the guys that got us into this mess. Why listen to him? The tariffs are the right thing to do. Trump is right. Read Robert Spalding's STEALTH WAR.

  5. Rackets
    Rackets says:

    Tariffs are meant to change the behavior of exporters or consumers..There is very little we buy that we cannot buy a similar product made elsewhere.. So a $400 T.V. from China now costs $500 with the tariff.. But the $400 T.V. from Singapore still costs $400. So a tariff is only a tax if you have no alternative choice..And we generally do have a choice..And when we decide against paying more the makers will move manufacturing to another country..Lowering the $$$ again..

  6. Dave Underwood
    Dave Underwood says:

    Doctor of what? Being an idiot? He's saying tariffs are no good for the economy, yet the market's doing well. He's a retired deep state stooge who has always been wrong and should be in prison for what he has done. What are you getting this criminal's advise for?


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