Is It My Husband’s Fault We Are Behind On Getting Out Of Debt?

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42 replies
  1. Beast from the East
    Beast from the East says:

    She just doesn’t like the bodybuilding because if it’s a very selfish thing to get into. It’s not just time being at the gym, it’s also the time consumption with the meal prep and supplements. Trust me, I’ve been there…it’s basically an all day event of improving your physique

  2. Bev
    Bev says:

    This man eats more a month than my entire family of 4! We spend $360 a month to feed 2 grown adults, a 16yr old and a 7 year old. AND we eat a good balanced healthy diet, most all homemade. So, body building seems like a waste when so many people in the world are starving.. here we have a man eating massive amounts of food for vanity's sake. I guess to each his own… Priorities differ in everyone I suppose.

  3. Cal Commercial Insurance
    Cal Commercial Insurance says:

    This woman needs to start pointing fingers at herself a little bit more. She will nitpick her husband on something so small, yet she thinks nothing about her stupid $29,000 car. And what does she do? Calls Dave Ramsey with the objective of getting to the bottom of a dispute, as opposed to calling Dave for help to finding a solution for their problem. She's already convinced that her husband is the problem, and the thought never crossed her stupid little brain that maybe she's the problem with her stupid car. I feel sorry for her husband. They need marriage counseling.

  4. Lisa Reynoso
    Lisa Reynoso says:

    $400 per person per month on food? We spend about twice that for 5, or under $800 per month. And we eat more than rice and beans. And I could cut that down if I tried. Granted, my kids aren’t all teens yet (only 1 is).

  5. Nicholas Zoelle
    Nicholas Zoelle says:

    Fitness, including supplements if you're dedicated like this guy is, is an INVESTMENT, and will pay off long term in better health, happiness, confidence, and even earning potential. Lady is crazy here.

  6. Andrew F
    Andrew F says:

    This lady is getting (somewhat deservedly) ripped in the comments but she does have a point – supplements are generally massively overpriced because people will justify “oh it’s my health so it’s worth it” and end up paying stupid prices for stuff that the body doesn’t REALLY need to gain.

  7. fluffyknight Player
    fluffyknight Player says:

    This is what happens when you start getting a reputation as a girlist. They start calling to complain about their husbands looking for someone to agree with them. Even notice her language. "Eating ME out of house and home. Not US. "MY daughter" and not OUR daughter. But it sure was WE when it came to the debt. She talks about him as if he's a distant relative whose free loading. And mr. Ramsey had to pry the truth out because she is dishonest also. She lied about his body building. She knew he lifted before. Not just out of the blue 3 months ago. That made no sense. She lied about the amount spent in a week then acts as if the $400 for groceries are just for him. Sure he could cut down on the supplements. But… does he not work? Is he not paying for those groceries too? I think even if they had no debt she'd still be complaining.

    And if the food was really seperate then how is he eating all of YOUR food? He's almost done paying for HIS car. YOURS is on you. Sounds like She selfishly wants him to give up his thing for her thing. And after give up his thing anyway.

  8. Bastiavolpaine
    Bastiavolpaine says:

    Her husband could have worse habits. The gym builds a healthy lifestyle, or money could be spent on alcohol… Just saying at least he's in a positive direction. Plus, there's lots of YouTube channels about eating for a bodybuilder/powerlifter within a budget.

  9. Sir Prodijay
    Sir Prodijay says:

    They're definitely not on the same page and need to communicate more but it is funny that she calls to complain about what he is doing at the gym and using supplements but she has a 29K car she's paying for. Just admit you're insecure and afraid your husband will get hot and attract other women's attention. I say that because she focused more on his supplements and gym time than them not communicating well. You can see how easily Dave got through the BS. I could be reaching with this but sometimes it feels like SOME [not all] of the female callers call in just to get confirmation bias from Dave since he's been shown in SELECT cases to be easier on the wives than the husbands. Again, I could be off but just something I'm picking up on from the several dozen videos I've seen on this channel.


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