3 Steps That Will Help You Win With Money – Dave Ramsey Rant

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44 replies
  1. scarpfish
    scarpfish says:

    If you did those three things, it's probably because you know your actions (or inactions) have consequences. People who can control their impulses usually set themselves up for better things.

  2. Dylan Morvant
    Dylan Morvant says:

    My gf is still in college I work and we are not married so guess what I didn’t have to pay for the baby and her in the hospital she’s on state insurance. I pay enough taxes so I’m getting mine back.

  3. trachito
    trachito says:

    The results of this data could simply be coincidental. Marriage isn't going to make someone financially responsible. A financially responsible person may be more likely to have a successful marriage, though.

    As for me, divorce and staying single have made me wealthier. Relationships have always put me in a consumer state of mind so I always ended up spending more money, plus it's difficult finding a financially disciplined partner.

  4. JayJay Rojas
    JayJay Rojas says:

    Dave your financial peace University class changed my life. Over 19k in debt paid off in 3 months. I've been making min payments for over 4 years until your class! Thank you so much god bless my brother !

  5. K Roddy
    K Roddy says:

    4. Don't break law and have criminal record
    5. Seek affordable higher education/vocational training/apprenticeship
    6. Stay away from debt
    7. Save at least 10% of income
    8. Don't get divorced

  6. Alex G
    Alex G says:

    I did these in exact order and i was broke lol. I began to climb out when my daughter was about 3 when me and my wife sat together and decided we deserved a better life and thats when everything changed.

  7. Eric Daniel
    Eric Daniel says:

    I see a lot of people railing on student loans here but it's all about how you invest that.

    Example 1: I went to a state school debt-free on the GI Bill. My wife borrowed six figures for an elite private college and medical school. Even after accounting for that debt she will make a lot more money in her career as a physician than I will as an engineer.

    Example 2: I have colleagues who borrowed money to pay for degrees in engineering. It was a hassle to pay it off, but they were able to devote all their energy to learning and getting good grades, which gave them a leg up in the hiring process over kids who waited tables 30 hours a week and got C's. The GI Bill gave me the same opportunity, but they were also 6 years younger than me when they started their careers. That affects their lifetime earnings, since we make a lot more now than I did as an E-5.

    Dont get me wrong – Iwouldn't change a thing about my life, but don't make student debt out to be the root of evil. It's probably not wise to borrow 100k to study sociology, though. Or take out a bunch of loans and never graduate…

  8. Abuelita *
    Abuelita * says:

    I disagree on you with this one Dave. If I get married and my wife later in divorces I'm going to end up paying alimony, child support, and she's going to keep half of my stuff. No thanks I'll stay single with no kids.

  9. John Adams
    John Adams says:

    Correlation does not equal causation. I say that to mean, the underlying behavior of a person to be irresponsible likely affects their finances the same way if affects their social lives. I.E it is possible that irresponsibility leads to children before marriage, not graduating high school, not maintaining a job, and thus financial ruin. Take that same irresponsible person and have them do ONLY these things without any other underlying behavior modification, poverty may still follow. I'd argue that people who do those three things do them because it is the wise and responsible thing to do and thus they are likely to be wise and responsible in most aspects of their lives.

  10. gx240
    gx240 says:

    What they're not telling you is the number they use to define "poverty" is ridiculous. Someone can be working and technically "out of poverty" by the federal definition and still be homeless because they don't even make enough money to afford a place to live, much less anything else.

  11. сергей фишер
    сергей фишер says:

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  12. Dakota M
    Dakota M says:

    I bet with the student debt crisis going to college as an indicator of a good life is going to go down dramatically. I can only imagine how many young couples who met in college are beyond stressed and arguing monthly or even weekly because of their rough fincial situation.

  13. JCAT 1990
    JCAT 1990 says:

    I myself am devoutly nonreligious but have "traditional" values such as those stated in your rant today. I never thought to say so would be controversial, this stuff should really be common sense.


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