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❤️ 50 Retirement Questions You Should Ask. As a retiree seeking the best places for retirement, especially the best place to retire in 2020 there are so many factors to consider. Even more, so if you plan to retire overseas.

And part of any good retirement plan is asking the right questions.

In this video, we look at 5o important retirement questions.

Everything from emergency medical evacuation insurance to buying a retirement home or condo overseas to choosing the best back for Expats and lots of things in-between.

This is part of a new series on Planning the Best Retirement.

Creating a retirement plan that suits your specific needs and situation doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Asking the right questions is the first place to start.

I hope you enjoy watching these new retirement videos and as always, please feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment below.


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  1. Guts Suzuya
    Guts Suzuya says:

    I'm far away from retirement age and definitely not decided on a country yet, though currently my two favorites would be the Philippines and Vietnam. Trying to learn things about both, visiting both, (and more) before making any real decision though. Thanks for the good video. Started saving up money to move abroad almost a year ago, wanna continue until I can afford a comfortable life, wherever I end up going, not having to worry about money that much. Hopefully getting that early, so it supplements my retirement money. Funny, how the one thing I have sorted out is money before even deciding on a country.

  2. surfr5
    surfr5 says:

    Excellent vid, thanks. I'm not sure I could live in the Philippines due to crime so I decided on Taiwan. Lifestyle is what we create. Affordability is based on budget. Health care here is good, food ok, quite safe also. But…. Not tropical enough, too many scooters, noisy, air pollution etc. Up and downsides to everywhere. Worst part for me, lousy marriage. Best part, beautiful kids. Life happens and yes things can hit the fan. Plan B, somewhere south of here. Especially if China gets trigger happy. Otherwise, I'll move to the east coast of the island to fish, surf, ride bikes, hike, camp, hot springs and fresh air. Supplemental income, teach part time. All good, maybe. 🌺🏄‍♂️🏝️🌅😉


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