What’s the fastest way to build wealth? Do you earn more or spend less? Should you invest or pay off debt? What’s the best way to manage your money? In this video, we answer these questions and more!

Interested in financial independence through real estate? Rob is a licensed Texas Realtor with Keller Williams! He serves buyers, sellers, and investors on your journey to build wealth! Need a Texas realtor? Email: rob_lee@kw.com
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  1. Jackie M
    Jackie M says:

    Your 💭
    Financed a house in 2017 with a FHA loan, student loans 20k, CC 30k and car loan 10k, should we refinance our home and take out equity to pay our debt?

  2. Nappystorm
    Nappystorm says:

    Here I am back again, commenting and ish. UberEats take all my little money. I started saving 10% of my income thanks to one of your older videos. Taxes were eating me up so I increased my 401k withholdings so they take out less taxes


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