If you’re wondering how to calculate the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) on an IRA is calculated, then watch this video as I teach you how to do it. But more than that, I’ll also tell you why I highly discourage you to take this step and will be offering a more productive alternative instead. All this and more is what we’ll cover in this episode so keep on watching!

To your abundance!
Doug Andrew

Key Moments In This Episode
00:44 What to expect in today’s video
01:28 Based on a life-expectancy formula
01:50 Partnership scenario to better undestand how IRAs and 401Ks work
03:09 Calculating the RMD
05:47 Why you shouldn’t delay the inevitable
06:30 Whose retirement are you planning?
07:26 Two things that are certain
10:26 Story of a couple who didn’t heed my advice

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